Science Projects on Music: 3 Cool Musical Experiments You Can Do

“But I Work Best With My Mp3 Player On!”

Are you constantly explaining to your parents and teachers that you need music in order to work effectively? Prove to them that it could be true with your science fair project. Have a large group of people take the same test, some while listening to music and some with nothing but silence. Grade their tests and compare the results. If possible, repeat this experiment several times with different tests and different groups of people to make your results more believable.

Music and Plants

It’s a commonly asked question among plant-lovers: Does music help plants grow? You can test this with an experiment. Grow bean plants in foam cups–use this bean plant experiment if you need help with that, and then play music regularly for some plants, while leaving other plants to grow with no music at all. If you’d like, you can even try different types of music to see which one the plants seem to “like” the best. Remember to use several plants to test each variable, because there could be other factors affecting the plants’ growth–most obviously, the quality of the beans that you’ve planted.

Virtual Practicing

If you’re a pianist, have you ever found your fingers dancing over your desk at school? If you play guitar, do you sometimes strum an “air guitar” just to practice a song you’ve been working on? You can base your science project on whether this type of “virtual practicing” actually helps you play better. Just make sure you find a way to make your control airtight and to test your variables accurately, and you’ve got the perfect science project on music.

Comparing Vocal Ranges

What is the lowest note you can reach? The highest? If you have an ear for notes, you can probably figure out and name the note that you’re singing easily. For your science project on music, you can explore whether factors like age, gender, height, or musical training have an effect on a person’s vocal range. All you’ll need is plenty of people to test and a well-designed table to chart your results.

These science fair projects on music are great choices if you love playing a musical instrument or singing. Try some of them out, and comment below about how they worked for you!

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