Fun Ways to Use Art for Preschool: Farm Lesson Plan

Capture Youngsters’ Attention With Farm Animals

For preschool teachers who want a fun way to get their young students interested in the workings of a farm and the basic processes of

Farm Animals

what happens on the farm, one great way to get a headstart is by using some fun farm art! Think about including anything from simple printables found on the computer to special foam craft kits found at a local craft store. Here is a look at how to efficiently use farm-themed art and how to work it into a fun lesson plan.

Putting the Lesson Together

The first step to using art for a preschool farm lesson plan involves finding the right supplies. This can easily be done by either making a large poster showing a farm and different animals and crops, or by making a simple picture book that preschool teachers can show their students.

Assembling the lesson plan is actually really easy and does not take very long. Preschool teachers can take easy shortcuts by getting their farm art together beforehand. Teachers can do something as easy as getting some printable farm art off of free websites, making their own farm art by making easy cut-outs using construction paper or going with a more formal look by using foam craft kits found at local arts and crafts stores.

Once teachers have their supplies gathered together, they can then go about putting together their lesson plan. A fun way to get the students involved is by having them help put together the lesson plan materials. They can glue items onto the poster board or picture book and then go about adding extra decorations by coloring with crayons or markers. Having the students help assemble the preschool farm lesson plan is a fantastic way to get them interested in learning more about farms and what all happens there. After the teachers have the lesson assembled they can begin using their materials to teach the lesson.

Teaching the Preschool Farm Lesson Plan

After the project has been put together, and the preschool teacher has the attention of their students, they can then go about teaching the class about the lesson plan. Using fun farm art such as colorful pictures of farm animals like cows, chickens sheep, pigs and goats is a great way to capture the young students attention.

Teachers can then go into detail about how we get milk and cheese from cows, and eggs from chickens. It is also a good idea to throw in small pictures of different crops that can be found on farms such as corn and other vegetables students know. Teachers can then wrap up their preschool lesson plan on farms by adding a musical touch and singing popular kids songs such as "Old Mcdonald" and "Bingo".

Once the lesson has been completed students should be asked questions related to the lesson such as "Where does milk come from?" so teachers are able to see how well the young children took in the lesson.