Toddler Farm Lesson Plan for Daycare Providers or Parents

Toddler Farm Lesson Plan for Daycare Providers or Parents
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Farm Education Is Fun

This lesson plan will teach your toddler about life on the farm and the animal sounds that can be found there. Children will learn there are many different farm animals and they will be able to demonstrate the sounds of these animals as well as learn how to make their own barn. It’s a great lesson that is ideal for both daycare providers and parents.



The Farm Book by Jan Pfloog

You will need to gather the following materials:

  • Shoebox
  • Plastic Farm Animals
  • Hay or Raffia (cut into small pieces)
  • Red Construction Paper
  • Glue

Before this lesson begins, cut the red construction paper into strips the same size as the five outside walls of the shoebox.

Prior Knowledge

Ask the toddler what they already know about farms and the animals found on a farm. Do they know the sounds these animals make? Have they ever visited a farm? Let them talk about their experiences.


Explain to the toddler that there are many animals found on a farm and that each of these animals make a different sound. Discuss how the barn is a very important place on a farm. It is where some animals and animal food are stored. Show the cover of the book The Farm Book by Jan Pfloog. Have the child tell you what activities are going on in the barn. What animals do they see? What kind of noises might they hear if they were there inside with the farmer?


Read The Farm Book to the toddler. Stop and discuss throughout the story the animals that are mentioned and the sounds these animals make. Have the toddler make the animal sounds with you. At the end of the story, have the toddler tell you what animals they learned about and the sounds these animals make. Sing the classic song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” with the toddler. Have them supply the sound that each of the animals would make.

Explain to the toddler that they are going to make their own barn! Help the student glue the already cut red construction pieces to the outside walls of the shoebox. Turn the shoebox on its side. Put glue on the side that is down. Have the child place the hay or raffia on the glue. Allow the glue and hay mixture to dry. Next, have the toddler pick which animals they want in their barn and place these animals on the hay. A fun option for this activity would be to cut two more pieces of red construction paper and glue them to the sides of the shoebox to make doors for the toddler’s new barn.


Have the toddler tell you about their barn and the farm animals inside. Also, have the child demonstrate what animal sounds you would hear if you were to visit their barn.


A great activity to add to this toddler farm lesson plan would be to take the toddler to a local farm and let them experience farm life and the animals that live there. While on your trip ask if you can see the inside of a barn. Have the toddler tell you what is the same or different about the real barn from the barn they created.

You could also visit a local petting zoo and have hands-on experience with animals that could be found on a farm. A toddler would love to have the chance to touch these animals, especially after reading about them and creating their own barn!