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Wow, It's Windy! 3 March Preschool Activities

written by: Cheryl Gabbert • edited by: Amanda Grove • updated: 12/16/2012

March preschool activities are perfect for windy days. Whether you're looking for activities to share with your class during the month of March or simply teaching a wind unit, you'll simply love the following windy day activities, perfect for any preschool class.

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    March Means Wind!

    It's time for windy March! Preschool activities like the ones that follow are sure to beef up your preschool windy day unit. Preschoolers will sing songs about the "wind in their hair," go outside to observe and discover how the wind moves things around, and even create a windy day art project. With fun stuff like that, every preschooler will be excited to learn more about how the wind is blowing their hair around. They'll even sing about it!

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    Wind Art Activity

    For this art project, you will need:

    • Blue construction paper (for 1 background per child)
    • White construction paper (for making 1 cloud shape per child)
    • Red construction paper (for making 1 diamond shape per child)
    • Yellow construction paper (6 yellow triangle shapes per child)
    • Colored yarn (1 2-3 inch piece of yarn per child)
    • Glue
    • Scissors

    Trace a medium-sized cloud pattern on white construction paper, and cut out one cloud for each student. Cut out one diamond shape from the red construction paper for each student. Give each student a cloud shape and a diamond shape, as well as a full piece of blue construction paper. The student will draw a face on their cloud to resemble a blowing wind. Glue the cloud on the blue construction paper. Next, glue the diamond (kite) shape onto the picture, to show the kite floating in the air. Students will then glue a piece of string from the bottom of the kite, in a squiggly line. Finally, glue three rows of two yellow triangle shapes, point side in, to make the tail of the kite. The resulting picture should be a sky with a windy cloud and a kite blowing in the wind.

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    Ribbons in the Wind

    Using long strands of three-inch-wide ribbon, tie a small loop in one end. This will make a handle for students to hold the ribbon. Give each child a ribbon to take outside on a windy day. Have the students hold a ribbon with their arm up in the air. Watch how the ribbon blows in the wind. Talk about how the wind blows things around, and although we can't see the wind, we can see how the wind affects things around us. Let the students play with the ribbons as they blow in the wind. Then take up the ribbons and focus on the surroundings. Look at things like the trees, flags, people's hair, and other things that are moving in the wind. Ask the students to point out some objects that the wind is moving.

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    Songs About the Wind

    Cute songs brighten up any windy March. Preschool activities like the ones above are more fun with a song to sing. Here are a couple of songs to go along with your preschool windy March unit.

    The Wind is Moving (Are you Sleeping)

    The wind is moving,

    The wind is moving,

    Things around,

    Things around,

    Kites and flags and tree leaves,

    Kites and flags and tree leaves,

    Moving all around.

    Moving all around.

    The Wind is in my Hair (The Farmer in the Dell)

    (shake head around and move fingers through hair as singing)

    The wind is in my hair,

    The wind is in my hair,

    Oh what a bad hair day,

    The wind is in my hair!

    Windy March days are the perfect time to plan these activities for your class. Your students are sure to enjoy singing songs about the wind, as well as going outside to watch ribbons flying in the breeze. So when the wind is in your hair this spring, be sure to plan a March wind unit, and share some windy day fun with your little ones.