Toddler Books to Read About the Wind This Spring

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Teach Little Ones All About the Wind

The following is a small collection of toddler books on a wind theme for the early learning toddler classroom. You can use this book list as part of your wind or spring unit, or as a guide for parents who are looking for books to extend learning at home. All of these books teach the concept of wind and what makes the wind meaningful for young children. If you’re planning a wind unit this spring, why not include some of the following books, or use them to enhance a preschool weather lesson.

“If I Were the Wind” by Lezlie Evans

This is a lullaby book that ensures young children of their mother’s love using the wind as part of the story. The child in the book asks “what if” questions to the mother, who answers each question in a way that reassures the child that she will always be there. The question of “what if” turns to the question of “what if the mother was turned into the wind.” This book can be used to help show what the wind does, but wind is not the only theme of the story. Still, if you’re talking to young children about the wind, this one can be used as part of the book list.

“One Windy Wednesday” by Phyllis Root

In this cute story about the wind, a barnyard full of animals is so windy that the animal sounds get all messed up. Now the animals are saying the wrong sounds. The girl in the story, Bonnie Bumble, sets it all straight by doing silly things like tying and knitting sounds back on animals. This is a cute little story that most toddlers are sure to find entertaining. While it’s not realistic, toddlers will get a sense of what the wind is all about from this silly story.

“What Can You Do in the Wind?” by Anna Grossnickle Hines

This board book is perfect for toddler aged children who are learning about the wind. The pictures are done in colorful watercolor paintings, with each page giving examples of what a child can do on a windy day, such as watching the clouds float in the sky or flying a kite. This story uses very short sentences, yet conveys knowledge to young children very well. This book is a great pick for toddlers learning about the wind.

“Chloe’s Windy Day” by Annie Mitra

Another board book, “Chloe’s Windy Day”, is a book about a white cat named Chloe. Using very simple drawings and short sentences that are truly geared toward a very young child, Chloe the cat participates in windy day fun. Toddlers will see how Chloe plays in the wind, and enjoys all the objects that are thrown and blown around her. The simplicity of the book, along with Chloe’s antics, is sure to keep the attention of any group of toddlers.

“Wind or Rain?” by Anthony Lewis

“Wind or Rain” is a board book that offers a game for young children. Kids can pick out which children in the pictures are in the wind, and which ones are in the rain. This book is simply yet colorfully illustrated. It’s a straightforward way for little ones to learn about the wind, as well as the rain. This book is great for a unit on the wind, rain, or spring, since wind and rain seem to both be plentiful in early spring.

When choosing toddler books to read about the wind, be sure to look for exciting, yet simple books for this age group. Toddlers will get lost in complicated illustrations and long paragraphs. Instead, pick from the preceding collection to find books to stimulate learning and teach little ones about the wind.


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