"Green Eggs and Ham" Rhyming Words Lesson for Preschool

"Green Eggs and Ham" Rhyming Words Lesson for Preschool
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You may have students in preschool that are ready for these “I Can Read All By Myself” Beginner Books like Green Eggs and Ham. For

children, who are at various stages of reading readiness, books by Dr. Seuss are perfect to read to the students. Keep them on the bookshelf, too, so that children can spend some time going through the book alone or with a friend. These preschool activities for Green Eggs and Ham will motivate your students to be a Dr. Seuss fan!

First Read

When you read this classic book to your students you may find them joining in with the cumulative and repetitive writing or the rhyming words. Here are some questions to spark a discussion after the book is read:

1. Why didn’t the main character like Sam-I-am? (Probably because Sam-I-am was being annoying)

2. Why do you think the main character would not eat the green eggs and ham? The food looked unusual because it was green. Also, Sam-I-am was pestering him to eat it and he was being stubborn.

3. Name something that you didn’t want to eat but that your parents wanted you to taste anyway.

4. Why did the main character finally eat the green eggs and ham? He said he would try them if Sam-I-am would leave him alone.

5. Did the main character change his feelings about Sam-I-am? Yes, because he liked the green eggs and ham and he was glad Sam-I-Am pestered him into eating the food.


Use 4”X6” white unlined index cards (or cut tag board to a similar size). Use the list below. Put one picture of each listed item on each card. Leave one side of the card blank. You may need to copy some of the pictures from the book and paste them on the cards. You can also draw the pictures or find pictures elsewhere. Laminate the cards or put them in clear plastic covers. Store them in a zippered plastic bag.

1. ham 2. Sam-I-am 3.house 4. mouse

5. box 6. fox 7. train 8. rain

9. goat 10. boat 11. car 12. star

13. tree 14. bee 15. arm 16. farm

17. truck 18. duck 19. cat 20. hat

Use The Cards

The goal in each activity is to have every student be able to recognize or hear when words rhyme. The hope is that every child is moving and engaged in the process. Do not do all the activities in one day. You can use the cards over several days. Add more cards as you come across rhyming words in other books.

Circle time:

Use the first ten picture cards, and place them face down in two rows of five cards in the center of the circle of students. These cards have the pictures of the rhyming words in Green Eggs and Ham. This will be a memory game. Have the first student turn two cards over. If they rhyme, then the student can hold the cards. If they do not match, the student puts them back face down in the same place. Remind all the students to remember where the cards are placed. Continue until all matches have been made.

Find a Friend:

Show your students all twenty cards and name each picture. Then give each student a card face down. When you say “go,” all students must take their cards and walk around the room to find someone with a picture that rhymes with theirs. Mix the cards and try it again.

Round and Round We Go:

Put the picture cards in a large circle on the floor. All the students should move around the circle in the same direction when the music plays. When the music stops, each child should stop and stand on one card. Teacher calls out a word that rhymes with one of the pictures on the cards. The student standing on the rhyming word sits in the middle of the circle. The last one standing frees everyone in the middle!

See The Words

Now use a white board, chalk board or flip chart to write groups of words from the book that rhyme. Say the words as you write them.

house mouse

box fox

train rain

goat boat

Sam ham

there anywhere

tree see

Ask your students if they notice something about each group of words. Is there a pattern? Yes, the rhyming words end with the same letters. Most times, but not always, when words rhyme, they have the same ending letters. So if you know one word you can “sound out” the rhyming word. See if they can read the words with you.

Reading Readiness

Preschool activities for Green Eggs and Ham are fun, involve all the students and provide practice for pre-reading skills. With the same goal of hearing words that rhyme, the variety of activities will keep your students moving and engaged. It will also increase their interest in the classic books by Dr. Seuss.


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    Ideas and activities come from the author’s twenty-five years of teaching experience.