"Green Eggs and Ham" Lesson Plan: Come Up With Your Own Delicious Recipe!

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After reading ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ students will have a chance to work on questions about the book, a rhyming/phonics worksheet, an art project, and create a recipe of their very own!

The Lesson Plan

1. Before reading the book ask the following questions:

  • What is the title of this book?
  • Who is the author of this book?
  • Where is the front cover?
  • Where is the back cover?
  • Where are the pages?

2. Read the book to the children and then ask following questions:

  • Question: What was Sam-I-Am trying to do in the book? Answer: Get his friend to eat Green Eggs and Ham.
  • Question: Did the main character of the story like Green Eggs and Ham before he tried them? Answer: No
  • Question: Did the main character like the Green Eggs and Ham after he tried them? Answer: Yes
  • Question: What is the point of this story? Answer: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and we usually have to try things to see if we like it or not.
  • Question; Have you ever tried Green Eggs and ham?
  • Question: What was the weirdest thing you ever tried?
  • Question: Did you like it?
  • Question: Would you ever try Green Eggs and Ham?

3. Have students complete the rhyming worksheet found here. Student must think of words that rhyme with the given word. Words which are given are cat, pop, sing, zoo, fog, red, pear, tan, car, pig.

4. Students will now come up with a “tasty” recipe of their own. Maybe it is yellow marshmallow stew or blue liver salad. Whatever the students make up, allow them to write down their recipe detailing every step and ingredients. Younger children will need help with this and it may be best to let this be a homework project for the younger students.

5. The second part of the recipe is the art project which will consist of students making their recipe using artistic material. They can draw, paint, color, or even sculpt out of play dough their yummy creation.