"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

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Here are some fun Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? literacy activities for preschoolers that you can do with your students as a part of a week of shared reading using this classic book by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle, or as supplemental options. Its predictable text and snappy rhythm make a perfect book to read over and over again with your students.

Activities List

Use Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to help your preschoolers learn their color words. After reading the big book version of the book to the class, have individual students find the color words on each page. Let them circle or highlight the words with Wikki Stix or highlighter tape. “Who can come up and find the word red? What letter do you expect to see at the beginning of rrrr- ed?” As a follow up activity write each color word on an index card or sentence strip and cut squares of paper out of each of the colors. Place the words and colors at a center and have the students match the color squares with the correct color word.

If you have a word wall, add some of the repeated words like “see,” “at” and “me” to it after reading the big book. Then find them in the text.

A favorite shared reading activity is “Being the Words.” Write the words from the book on sentence strips and cut them out. Don’t make duplicate words unless you need them to make a sentence. Then pass out the words to the students and tell them that they are going to be the words. Read the first sentence to the students and have all of the students with the words in the sentence come to the front, get in the correct order and make the sentence. When the sentence is made have the rest of the class read it, while you move behind each student who is a word. Continue to make the sentences in the book one by one. This is a great way for your students to learn sight words and practice left-to-right order. Your preschoolers will enjoy doing this activity again and again.

Give each student a small cup with about ten counters or beans in it. Have them line the counters up on their tables and show them how to count the words in the sentences by moving a counter each time a word is said. Then slowly read some sentences from the book and let the children practice counting the words. Start with easier sentences and break them into short phrases like “I see a red bird” and “looking at me.” When the students are comfortable with counting the words you can give them longer ones.

Take a walk around the school or the playground. When you return to class, make a chart of what the students saw. Have each student fill in the sentence “I see a…” and write it on chart paper. Encourage the students to use a color word to describe what they saw. Then write each student sentence on a sentence strip. Have them glue the sentences to a large piece of paper and draw a picture of what they saw.

Your students will be building a foundation for good reading skills as they enjoy these fun activities.

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