Letter M Craft for Preschoolers: Magician’s Hat

Introducing Letter M

Begin this letter M craft for preschool by introducing students to the letter M. Discuss the sounds that the letter makes and talk about various words in different topics that start with the letter M. Some suggestions to use are listed below.

  • Which children in the class have a name that starts with the letter M?
  • Which animals start with the letter M?
  • Name favorite foods that start with this letter.
  • Talk about games that start with this letter.
  • Ask about superheroes whose names start with this letter.

Take this opportunity to review manners with your students by talking about the letter M in the word "manners". Review the manners lesson plan with your students, then discuss manners or the lack thereof that start with "M". Some suggestions of topics to discuss are listed below.

  • "Manners" starts with "M".
  • Mumbling is bad manners.
  • Saying "Ma'am" is good manners.
  • The words "Mister" and "Missus" are using good manners.
  • Mouth closed while chewing is good manners.

Magic and M

Children love magic. Why not bring some of it into the classroom for them to learn about the letter M? This letter M craft for preschool is a great way for students to practice using this letter in their words. Students will work on pronunciation, spelling and letter recognition as they do this craft and play the game that follows. To complete this craft you will need black construction paper, a variety of scrabble letters (or you can make your own) , scissors and a white crayon.

  1. Give each student a piece of black construction paper, a pair of scissors and a white crayon.
  2. Help students to cut out a magician's hat (top hat) by drawing the shape with the white crayon, then cutting along the outline.
  3. Ask Children to draw a large "M" on the hat using white crayon.
  4. Talk about different things that can be pulled out of a magician's hat that may start with the letter "M". Pretty much anything goes here, feel free to get silly.
  5. Now pass out the letters to the students, making sure they all get a good variety.
  6. Play a game to see how many simple words the children can make by placing their letters next to the letter "M" on the hat. Pick a topic and give the students a few minutes to arrange their letters. For instance, you might pick "things outside" and children could come up with "mud, men, man, mums, etc."