Teach Preschool Children Manners With This Fun Craft

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Teacher Prep and Prior Learning

Before beginning this preschool manners craft, use the some of the preschool manners suggestions found below to introduce manners to your preschoolers, in particular table manners. Remind your students about good manners by displaying them yourself and complimenting students when they use them.

To complete this craft, students should be able to work with glue, scissors, markers, yarn and crayons.

To prepare for this craft you will need to gather the materials listed below.

  • colored craft sticks
  • a variety of colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers or crayons
  • brown, yellow and black yarn
  • one large apron

Craft Directions

To complete this craft, follow the instructions:

  1. Allow each child to select a piece of construction paper.
  2. Help students to cut out a 4" x 6" rectangle from the construction paper.
  3. Ask students to draw an oval on the rectangle. This will be their face.
  4. Instruct students to draw and color 2 eyes on the “face”. Children should color these eyes the same color as their own.
  5. Help students to make “hair” for their “face” by cutting and gluing the correct colored yard on the face.
  6. Allow students to decorate the rest of the rectangle as they see fit.
  7. Once students are done decorating the rectangle, help he students to glue the rectangles onto the apron so that it looks like the apron has a multitude of pockets.
  8. Hang the apron up on the wall so that all of the pockets are visible and easily accessed.

Once the apron is hung up, explain the following steps to the students.

  1. The apron was used because it is a good visual reminder for table manners.
  2. Every time the students show good table manners they will be given a green craft stick to place in their pocket on the apron.
  3. When the children say “please”, they get a yellow craft stick.
  4. When the children say “thank you”, they get a blue craft stick.
  5. When students have 5 craft sticks in their “pocket”, they get a star on their pocket.
  6. When the student has 10 stars on their pocket, they get a reward that you determine.

This craft will not only serve as a reminder for good manners, but will also help to build math skills. There are two ways to reward the students. They can be rewarded on an individual basis or as a group. Suggestions for rewards are listed below.

Individual Rewards

  • stickers
  • extra free time
  • special jobs
  • line leader

Group Rewards

  • an outing such as to a restaurant where they can show off their table manners. (Places such as Ponderosa offer free meals for children.)
  • movie day
  • game time or free time for the entire group

Always remember to display good manners yourself and treat the children with the respect that you ask from them. Praise them openly and often for their good manners. Review your own manners often and ask yourself if they are the ones you want your students to emulate. Remember that there is no better way to teach good behavior than to lead by example.


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