Preschool Hibernation Lesson: Winter Is Cool!

Preschool Hibernation Lesson: Winter Is Cool!
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This hibernation preschool lesson works well in conjunction with the other lesson plan in this series. It can also be used on its own. You can also use these lesson plans as part of a unit on winter. An additional book to use with this lesson plan is Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft.


It’s Winter by Susan Swan and Linda Glaser

Manila paper or white copy paper


Chart paper

Hole Punch


Stapler (optional)

Prior Knowledge

Before you begin this hibernation preschool lesson plan, talk about how there are four seasons. See if your students can name them. Have students tell you the current season.


Talk about what happens in winter. Review some activities that are done during winter. Show students the cover of It’s Winter. Read or reread the story stopping to discuss what is going on. If you are rereading it, have students look for something new. Make sure to emphasize the parts about animals hibernating. After you finish reading, talk about hibernation. Discuss what it means to hibernate.


Brainstorm a list of animals that go into hibernation during winter. Some common animals include bears, bees, and bats. Explain to students that today they will become authors and make their very own book about what animals do during winter. Then, pass out the paper you will be using to make an animal hibernation book. Each student will need two or three sheets of paper.

Have students draw and color pictures of animals that hibernate in their books. Allow students to choose from the list to make their books. This is a great opportunity for students to practice writing. Have students write the name of the animal underneath it on each page.

Bind the books using a hole punch and yarn. Punch three holes along the side of the book and push three pieces of yarn into the holes. Then, tie the yarn into knots. You can also use a stapler to bind the book instead. When students are finished, decide on a title for your books. Some wonderful choices include, “Where Are the Animals?” or “Wintertime Sleep.”


As students are working on their books, go around and ask each student individually what hibernation is and ask them to give you one animal that hibernates.


Use this hibernation preschool lesson plan as a springboard for teaching more about winter. Teach students about winter weather and how it turns colder during the winter.

Teach students characteristics of all four seasons.

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