Create a Masterpiece: Introduce Your Preschool Class to Art with This Hands-On Lesson Plan

After teaching this lesson, your preschool students should be able to provide a simple definition of art and identify different types of media used by artists. This art lesson works well in conjunction with the other lesson plans on famous artists in this series. It can also be used on its own. This lesson also works wonderfully for teaching colors.


  • Manila paper or finger paint paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Crayons/markers
  • Charcoal pencils(optional)
  • Pastels (optional)
  • Modeling clay
  • Printed pictures of different types of art

Prior Knowledge

Talk about previous art projects that you have done in class. Have students share their favorites. Talk about what materials were used for the projects.


Discuss what art is. Ask students if they know what an artist is. Tell them an artist is anyone who makes art. Show your students the pictures that you brought in. Talk about the different types of media used to make the pieces. Have students identify what medium was used, such as paint or clay. Discuss the differences between the materials, such as clay and markers. Then, talk about how each medium is used.


Tell students that today they get to become an artist. Show students the art supplies that you brought in for them to use. Explain to them that they can choose one type of media to create a work of art. Allow students to come up a few at a time and choose what they want to do.

Allow students to sculpt or paint a picture of whatever they want. If you want to give them options, brainstorm a list before you start. Some great choices include favorite animals, family, flowers, or a favorite place to go.

Allow students to create their masterpieces. When they are finished with them, let them show their work to the class.


While students are working on their pieces, walk around the room and have them tell you two types of media used by artists. An excellent way to ask this is, "What are two materials that artists use to create art?"


You can extend this art lesson by placing your preschool students in pairs and letting them create another masterpiece.

Bring in other media, such as foil, wrapping paper, and other items to create a different piece of artwork.

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These art lesson plans provide projects that will help establish art appreciation in your preschool classroom. These projects will enhance your students understand of art and what art actually is. They will enjoy creating their own artwork while learning about media used in art and famous artists.

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