Preschool Lesson Plan: Stone Soup

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For a great addition to a unit about food or healthy eating, use this preschool lesson plan. Stone Soup has many different versions. You may wish to read one or more versions to your preschoolers before beginning to implement the lesson plan ideas.

Shared Writing

For your writing lesson plan, Stone Soup may be used as a springboard for a fun shared writing activity. As a class write your own recipe for stone soup. First show your students how recipes look when they are written out. You could bring in a few cook books or make overhead transparencies of a recipe or two. Then brainstorm what you would need to make the soup - a large pot, water and a stone. Then let the class help you decide what other ingredients to add to the soup and the steps to follow to make it. As you decide on your recipe, write it on large chart paper. When it is finished, discuss how it is the same and different from the stone soup in the book or books that you read. Then you can type it and make a copy for each student to illustrate and take home.


After reading Stone Soup, make a list of the vegetables that were added to the soup. Show the students pictures of the different vegetables. Then talk about each one and what part of the plant we are eating when we eat that vegetable- the root, the tuber, the leaves, etc. Then discuss new vegetables that were not in the book and decide which part that we eat. As an independent activity you can give the students pictures of vegetables to cut out and sort, based on the part that we eat.


Give each student a large sheet of manila paper and a cut out of a soup pot on black paper. Have them glue the pot onto the center of their paper and then draw pictures of the foods they would put in their version of stone soup around the pot. You could also let them look through magazines and grocery store ads and cut out pictures of foods for their soup to glue on the paper.

There are many extension activities you can pursue with your preschoolers using this lesson plan - Stone Soup. You can find a fun cooking lesson here.