PreK Science Activity: All About Me

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Tiny Seeds Science

Observation is the first step in science. Teach children this first step in science by doing this portion of the science activity. To do this activity, students should be able to sit through a story and explain what happened in the story.

For this portion of the preschool science activity you will need the book “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle. Read this book to the children as a way to create interest in the parts of plants. As you read the book, identify and discuss the parts of plants with the children. This portion of the science lesson plan will enable students to identify the various parts of a plant. After you read the book, take students outside to observe plants in nature. Assist them in identifying the parts of actual plants. Speak with students about the difference between plants and animals. To do this you can compare babies to seeds and so on. Children should understand the parts of plants before moving on to the next portion of the lesson plan.

All About Me Garden

This preschool activity can be used in a variety of ways to create a colorful bulletin board. When using the instructions for this preschool All About Me activity, feel free to exchange flowers for leaves or snowflakes depending on the season of the year that you do this project. For the purposes of writing instructions for this preschool activity, it will be assumed that the season is spring or summer.

For this activity you will need the materials listed below.

  • Construction paper in a variety of colors
  • Scissors
  • Baby picture of each student.
  • Current picture of each student.
  • Marker

To complete this activity, ask students to bring in a baby picture from home. Follow the instructions below to complete the All About Me Garden.

  • Ask students to trace their hands on a piece of construction paper in any color but green.
  • Ask students to draw and cut out small circles from black construction paper. These circles should be big enough to fit the baby picture on. Some of your students may need assistance.
  • Draw and assist students in cutting out 3 simple oval leaf shapes out of green construction paper. They will also need strips of green to be used as “stems”, but these are best cut by the teacher with a paper cutter.
  • Assist students in gluing or taping their baby picture to the black circles. These will be the “seeds” of the All About Me Garden.
  • Assist students in gluing or taping their current picture to their hand print. These will be the “flowers” of the All About Me Garden for this preschool activity.
  • Assist students in writing or drawing something about themselves on each leaf. This can be something as simple as drawing a video game controller to writing the word “animals” on each leaf.
  • Attach leaves, flowers and seeds to the stems.

Use this activity to create an All About Me Garden on the bulletin board by placing brown construction paper on the bottom of the board and blue on the top. Decorate it with a sun and clouds as you wish. Then, place the “seed” part of the “flower” on the brown construction paper so that the flower is growing in the blue area. This is a great activity to do in the spring and can even be extended by using in conjunction with a simplified version of the Plants Science Project. In this manner, children can learn about themselves as well as the process of growing and science!

Once the project is complete, the children will not only have a very fun and creative bulletin board, but they will also have a visual aid to assist them in remembering the parts of a plant. This bulleting board and assignment will give them the basic tools to build upon when learning about plants and how their parts work in nature.


You can extend this lesson with this preschool science center idea!