Let’s Learn About a Hospital: Preschool Activities for the Classroom

A lot of children are scared of doctors, dentists and hospitals. Help them build a positive attitude with these hospital preschool activities. You may have to modify these activities a little to suit your setup.

Vaccination Day Activity

Help children develop a positive perspective about injections with this vaccination activity, Get the children to pretend to be, or even dress up as doctors. All of them get play injections. The children have to vaccinate all the stuffed toys in the classroom. Tell them to talk to the stuffed toy nicely, and explain to it about the injection so that it does not get scared. As children are talking stuffed toys into getting an injection, they will be saying positive things about injections that will help them build a positive perspective. Use this activity to teach children about how vaccinations and injections help us stay healthy and get better, and how we all need to have them sometime.

Pill Packing Game

Here is a hospital themed activity to teach a pre math skill. Help children to learn sorting skills with this pill packing activity. Give each child 3 bowls of pills ( preferably candy) in 3 different colors. Candy like M and M’s make great pills. The child has to pick one pill of each color and pack it in a small paper envelope or zip pouch. In this manner, the child has to pack 10- 15 pill pouches so that they can be distributed to the patients.

Bandage Relay

This can be a fun physical activity around a hospital theme. Children are divided into pairs. One of the pairs stand at the end of a large open space in a horizontal line, about 100 m away, their partners sit in a chair opposite to them. The partner has to pretend to be injured on his right knee. When the game starts, the partner who is fine has to run with a bandage to the injured partner, put on the bandage and bring this partner to the start line. The only rule is that the right leg of the injured partner cannot touch the floor. The children will have fun trying to support their friend and helping him reach the finish line.

Stethoscope Activity

Teach children about what stethoscopes are. Get a couple of stethoscopes and encourage the children to use them on different parts of the body to hear different sounds. Children can try to hear heart beats, breathing sounds and stomach sounds. Use this activity to teach a little about different body parts and what they do.

Hospital Visit Activity

Help children learn about visiting a person in a hospital. Visit someone you know, or even just the children’s ward in a local hospital. Teach children about talking softly, not running around, and making a person feel happy in the hospital. Maybe even take some flowers or a get well soon card. When you get back ask the children about what their experience was.