Preschool Bicycle Activities for the Classroom or at Home

Activities and games are one of the best ways of teaching children about the world around them. Here are a few preschool bicycle activities that can be used to teach children about bicycles. Use these activities to teach children about bicycles, maintaining them, and road safety.

Traffic Lights Game

For this game make two traffic lights out of cardboard, one with the red light shining and one with the green light shining. Alternately, you can use red and green flags. Children have to stand in a horizontal line all facing you. When you show the green light they can start jogging in their place. When you show the red one, they all need to stop. If any child does not stop when you show the red light and keeps jogging, they are out of the game. Use this game to talk to children about traffic lights and obeying them.

Wear the Helmet Game

This is a great game that can be used to teach children about wearing helmets. If there are 12 children playing, collect 11 helmets and place them in the center of a large circle you draw on the floor. The children stand on the circle and walk around it. When you say stop, the children have to run to the center and grab a helmet and put it on. The child who has no helmet left will be out of the game. The child, as well as one helmet go out of the game, and the game begins again.

Bicycle Course Game

Make a bicycle course in your school campus. You can make bicycle service lanes with some rope, add a few signals and zebra crossings. Get children to bring their bicycles to school and as you go around the curse teach children about traffic rules, and bike safety.

Bike Mechanic Pretend Play

Children love being the bike mechanic. Set up a dramatic play center for a bike mechanic. Put together some of the tools commonly used by bike mechanics including puncture repair kits. Use band aids colored in black to make good puncture repair patches. Get an air pump. Children will love pretending to fill air, repair punctures and get their bikes repaired. Use this time to talk about how its important to take care of all vehicles, including bikes.

Bike Wash Day

Another great activity to teach children about taking care of bicycles. Get children to bring their bicycles from home, or use the school ones if your school has any. Choose a warm sunny day, and arrange for a hose pipe, brushes and cloths, and car wash solution. Get the children to bring an extra set of clothes. Together, let the kids have fun washing the bikes and making them clean.

Hope these preschool bicycle activities were useful. Here are some more ideas for a transport theme.