Preschool Math Activities: Transportation Theme

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Theme based teaching is a great way to teach preschool children. Kids love the opportunity to do things that interest them and learn at the same time. Here are a collection of preschool math activities. Transportation is a fun and interesting theme for kids this age. These activities cover basic preschool math skills like sorting, matching, number concept and number identification.

Put the Cars into the Garages

Make little garages by covering small cardboard or plastic boxes with colored paper. Lay them on the ground with the mouth of the box facing one side. Use a marker to write a number on the side that is facing up. Take some small toy cars. Write corresponding numbers on the cars. The children have to put the car into the right garage. To make the activity more complicated, increase the number of the cars and garages, and make the numbers 3 digit numbers.

Line Up the Carriages in Order

You will need a train set for this train. On small pieces of paper, write numbers from 1 to 10. Glue each number on to the side of one carriage. Make sure the engine is numbered 1. Ask the children to hook up the carriages in order.

The Parking Lot Game

For this game, make a fence using blocks and build a large parking lot. Cut out strips of colored paper whose width is equal to the length of the cars, and length is equal to the length of the parking lot. Make about 4 such strips of different colors. Fix little pieces of the same colored papers on top of the cars. So if the car has a red color paper on it, the child has to push it and take it into the red section of the parking lot. Use this game to teach children color sorting.

Match the Car with the Driver

This game will require a set of cars and some small plastic men who can be the drivers. Number the men, and number the cars with corresponding numbers. The children have to match the right driver to the right car.

Transportation Worksheets

Make transportation worksheets. Write out a number on a paper. Ask the child to color the number and then stick the right number of transport stickers on the paper.

Airport Game

Make a runway out of a strip of black paper and tape it to the floor of your classroom. You will also need a set of planes. If you do not have planes, you can use paper planes. Number all the planes with 2 or 3 digit numbers. When you call out a plane number, the child has to bring it to the runway and make the plane take off. Kids will surely enjoy this activity.

Hope these preschool math activities – transportation theme - were useful for you. This article gives you ideas for boats and trains activities. Bookmark this website, and come back for teaching resources on a variety of themes.