Free Airplane Preschool Activities: Ideas for the Classroom or at Home

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Preschool kids are usually fascinated by airplanes, and this is a great theme that can be used to teach various skills. Here are some free airplane preschool activities ideas that you can use at home or in a classroom.

Sky Art

Give the child 2-3 different shades of blue and help them paint a sky with their fingertips. Teach the children to make long, horizontal strokes from one side of the paper to another. They can also add fluffy clouds by making prints with one fingertip using white paint. Allow this to dry. Cut out a picture of an airplane from a magazine. Glue it on to the sky. The picture is ready and can be put up.

Airplane Pretend Play

Pretend play a scene inside an airplane. Arrange a set of chairs to make passenger seats. Dress up a couple of kids as pilots and flight attendants. Use hats and scarves for dressing up. Talk about flight safety, putting on seatbelts and not running around in the plane. If you have a small trolley in the classroom, provide some disposable cups and plates that the flight attendants can use for serving food and drink.

Paper Planes Activity

Help children have fun making and flying planes. Let every child make and decorate their own plane. Then go to an open field. Let each child take turns at standing at a particular point and flying the plane. The child who is able to fly their plane the furthest wins.

Science Activity with Planes

Help children understand more about air and how things fly with this science activity. Provide different types and sizes of paper. Include light tracing paper, newspaper, and thick construction paper. Help children make planes of different sizes with this paper. After this, go to the roof of a building and fly planes. Watch how the different paper planes fly differently and at different speeds.

Airport Field Visit

Visiting an airport can be a very enjoyable activity, and also a very educational one. Take the children on a field trip to a nearby airport or air field. Watch planes landing and taking off, and talk about control towers, cargo and all the other activities that happen inside the airport.

Airplanes and the World

Use a map of the world to show children how airplanes make distances shorter. Show an example of two cities and tell them approximately how much time it takes to go between using different types of transport. This will help children understand more about why airplanes are important and how they help us travel.

Airplane Experiences

Help children who have been on an airplane talk about their experience and what they liked most about it. Help children who have not been on one by portraying it as a positive, fun experience that they can enjoy. You can also show movie clips of scenes inside airports or planes to show children who have not been on an airplane what it is like.

Thus, these are some free airplane preschool activities ideas that you can use with an airplane theme. If you have other suggestions, please visit the comments section below.