4 Fun Ideas for Preschool Snowman Projects

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Snow and snowmen are great themes to use in the winter season in your classroom. Whether you live in a place that has snow in the winter or not, this theme can be used to talk to children about a lot of the various aspects of winter–and even science. Here is a collection of simple preschool snowman projects that you can use at home or in your preschool classroom. Most of them require very basic skills and can be done by most children at the preschool level with a little support from the parents or teachers.

Start With an Appliance Box

Here is a fun activity that you can do in your classroom with a group of children. Kids will enjoy making this large snowman, and playing with it. For this activity, you will first need a large cardboard box like a fridge box, and a chair. Cut this out in the shape of a snowman and use twine to tie it to the chair. Next the kids can have fun helping to paint this large cardboard shape white. Once the paint is dry, you can add other features like eyes, nose and mouth. You can even make a small hole for the nose and insert an orange paper cone into it to make a nose. Next, ask the children to bring hats, and scarves for the snowman. Children can have fun “ dressing” up the snowman in different ways. Find a place for your snowman on one corner of the classroom, and use it as a decoration for a few days.

Cotton and Glue

This is a good group project that can be used in a classroom setup. For this preschool snowman project, you need plenty of cotton, a large sheet of black paper, and craft glue. Draw a large snowman shape on the paper. Now get the children to glue cotton pieces all over the shape of the snowman. Encourage them to stay within the line. Make sure you spread plenty of newspaper on the floor before you start this activity, as it can often get messy. Allow it to dry, and put it up on the walls of your classroom.

Chalk Project

This is another fun preschool project that can be done by one or two kids at a time. Draw a large snowman on a large sheet of black paper. Give the children white sidewalk chalk and get them to color the snowman. For a final “snowy” effect, take a piece of paper and rub over the lines to blur them and spread the color. This activity also helps children get comfortable with holding and using a writing instrument.

Geometric Collage

Use this idea to talk to children about the names of various shapes. Cut out parts of the snowman as geometric shapes like 2 circles for the body, two circles for the eyes, a large triangle for the hat, and one small triangle for the nose. Get the children to join the various pieces on their own sheets of paper, and glue them to make a snowman. As they are gluing the pieces, review the names of the shapes.

These are some simple preschool activities around a snowman theme. Bright Hub Education has some additional ideas for snowman crafts, snowman games and even a snowman counting activity that you can use. We hope, too, that you’ll share your new ideas with us in the comment space below.