Warm Up For Winter With Six Creative Art Projects For Preschoolers

CD Snowman

This is a great way to recycle old CDs. You will need one regular-sized CD and one small CD for this activity. Overlap the two CDs to form a snowman shaped outline, and glue together using strong craft glue. Allow it to dry. Cover the whole shape with paper by cutting out a shape the same size as the outline, and gluing it on to the CD snowman. Print out the snowman hat on the template and glue it on the CD on the top. Glue small balls of cotton all over the rest of the snowman. Add small cut out eyes from the template, and the nose. Your CD snowman is ready.

Click here to download template for this craft.

Snowflake Mobile

This snowflake mobile will look beautiful when hung next to a window. To make it, first print out 2 copies of the template. Cut out the circles, and trace the 3 sizes of circles on to a thick blue or black colored paper. Cut them out. Now fold the white circles 3 times and cut out small triangles or semi-circles from the edges. Open it up to find a snowflake. Glue the snowflakes on both sides of the corresponding sized blue or black circle. Punch holes on the top and bottom of each circle. Use string to tie the three circles to each other, with the biggest on the top and the smallest in the bottom. Tie some string to the punched hole on the topmost circle and use it to hang up your snowflake mobile. Enjoy the falling snowflakes!

Download the template for this craft

Miniature Winter Wonderland

Make a miniature winter wonderland in a shoebox. Find an old shoebox and cover it with blue colored paper both on the inside and the outside. Cut out a sheet of Styrofoam in the size of the shoebox and place it on the bottom of the shoebox. Find small pine branches and fix them into the Styrofoam so that they stand. In this manner, make many trees all over the shoebox. Make a small hill by cutting a Styrofoam cup into half and placing it in your box. Glue it in place. Now spread cotton all over the floor of your box and on your hill. Pad the top of your hill with plenty of cotton so that it looks rounded. Put some cotton on top of your pine trees. Finally, decorate the box from outside and your winter wonderland is complete.

Winter Classroom Collage Activity

This activity is great winter theme classroom activity. Cut out large letters to spell out winter. Provide lots of magazines to the children including winter sports magazines and family magazines. Divide your class into six groups and allot one letter to each group. The children have to find pictures and glue them on to the letter according to one specific aspect of winter that you assign them. Some examples are winter food, winter holidays, winter clothes, winter sports etc. At the end of the activity, put all the letters together and use it to teach children what winter is all about. The collage can be put up on the classroom boards for a great winter decoration.

Ear Bud Snowflake Shapes

Here’s another creative winter craft idea that you can use for a quiet individual activity. Cut out ear buds so that they are of different lengths. Provide thick black or dark blue paper. Children can join these ear bud pieces like stars to make pretty snowflakes. For the first one they can stick ear buds along the lines on the template. Once they understand, they can try out their own creative ideas.

Download and use this template to teach children this activity

3-D Snow Picture

Here’s a winter twist to an art activity. Ask the children to draw or paint out a landscape picture as they might normally do. Then give the children cotton and ask them to use it to make small balls. Ask them to glue these small balls all over the picture. For a more realistic picture, they can also glue some cotton on the bottom of the picture to show a layer of snow on the ground.

Don't Forget the Templates!

I hope you enjoyed these preschool children’s winter art projects. Don’t forget to download the corresponding templates from the media section. You can use these in any way you want, and if you are looking for some more ideas see this article on preschool winter themes with ideas for use across the curriculum.

What winter-themed art projects have you tried in your class? Your input is welcome in the comments section below.