Preschool Dove Crafts for the Classroom or Home

Making preschool dove crafts is an interesting and healthy activity for young children. It includes hand work such as cutting paper. Children can improve their aesthetic sense while making interesting dove crafts with the instructions below. Dove crafts like The Dove of Peace, Copper Dove, and hand print Dove are the most lovable dove crafts for preschoolers. In the following paragraphs, you will learn how to make a variety of dove crafts.

Hand and Foot Paper Dove

Materials: Bond paper, scissors, glue, colored paper, cotton, marker

Description: Trace a hand on a clean sheet of white bond paper. Cut the traces using safety scissors. Do the same with a foot. Glue the traced foot on top of the hand cutout such that the wrist coincides with the inner curve of the foot tracing. The foot shape will serve as the body and the hand will serve as the wing of the dove. Cut two small triangular shapes for the beak. Using a black marker, draw eyes on the paper dove. For emphasis, you may add additional wings (by tracing another hand) and glue it on top of a dark colored paper. As a final touch, glue cotton to the wings for a fluffy effect.

Dove’s Nest

Materials: Colored Paper (brown, light green, white), scissors, glue, marker

Description: Cut a desired amount of egg shapes from white bond paper. Use the marker to draw a solid line around the eggs on the edges. Cut small strips of brown paper. Make the cuts irregular as this should give the effect of the dove’s nest. Glue the strips like a mosaic, forming the bowl-shape of a bird’s nest, on a light green paper base. Trace the nest with a marker so that its shape will be emphasized. Glue the white eggs on top of the nest. This activity is perfect for preschool kids, as a teacher may explain how doves that fly high in the air begin as small little birds in a nest.

Glittering Family of Doves

Materials: Cut-out dove, beads or sequins, glue

Description: Cut out a body of a dove in different sizes. Create bigger ones for the mother and father doves and smaller shapes for the baby doves. You can search and download online (there are many printable versions available) or you can use the one made in Preschool Dove Craft 1. Invite the children to dab glue on the edges of the cut-outs then attach beads. Finally, place the birds on top of the card board. You now have a family of colorful doves. For a variation, sequins can be used instead of beads.

Free Online Crafts

The Internet has several free craft related websites that offer free preschool dove crafts for students. Most websites have accompanying instructions, tutorials and step-by-step guides on drawing, painting, coloring or sewing crafts. Some interesting dove crafts for preschoolers can be found on following website:

Artists Helping Children at


Be sure that there is adult supervision every time the kids are making these preschool dove crafts. Safety scissors should be used instead of sharp ones.

If your kids love activities involving arts and crafts, then attempt to provide them with necessary materials.