Five Teddy Bear Preschool Crafts

Teddy Bear Mask

Paint the back of a paper plate brown, or let children color it with markers. Cut out two holes for eyes. Give students a pom pon to use for a nose and a red pipe cleaner for a mouth, and show children how to glue them in the appropriate places. Hand out brown circles cut from construction paper, and instruct children to cut the circles in half. Show children how to glue the two halves onto the mask to serve as ears.

Teddy Bear Ears

As a variation to the teddy bear mask, this takes very little time, yet still enables children to feel like “bears.” Cut brown strips of paper as wide as a child’s hand and long enough to fit comfortably around a child’s head. Add two ears, using the method described above. Tape (don’t staple!) the strip around the child’s head.

Pom Pon Bears

Show children how to glue together pom pons of different sizes to form a bear. Two larger pom pons should form the body and head of the bear, and six smaller ones should form the hands, feet, and ears. Glue small felt circles or beads to the bear’s face as eyes and a nose. Cut out a small red mouth out of felt and attach with glue as well. (Warning: Beads can be a choking hazard.)

Bear Footprints

To accompany the above bear preschool crafts, create a stencil of a bear footprint and make copies of the stencil for children. Help them cut the shape of the footprint out of construction paper and glue it to another piece of construction paper. Then encourage them to decorate their bear footprints. When they finish, use them to make a path from one side of the room to the other, and have them walk on the footprint path (without shoes), pretending to be bears.

Teddy Bear Puppets

Use a teddy bear cookie cutter as a stencil (or make one yourself). Help children cut out bear shapes from construction paper and decorate them. Then glue each bear to a Popsicle stick and help your children put on a puppet show!

All children enjoy playing with teddy bears. These bear preschool crafts will keep a roomful of children happy and busy. Try them out and watch their faces light up!

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