Theme "Lighthouse": Art Activities For Preschool Kids

Theme "Lighthouse": Art Activities For Preschool Kids
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Here is a collection of lighthouse art activities for preschool kids. Also included are some templates that you can print and use. Use these activities to teach kids all about lighthouses and lots more.

Make a Lighthouse:

Cut a rectangular piece of thick card paper. Draw horizontal lines on it about an inch apart. Then draw vertical lines to make bricks. Color the entire paper in red for a brick wall effect. Roll this piece of card paper to form a cylinder. Similarly, make a small cone and glue it on top. Decorate it to form a little brick lighthouse.

Sea in the Tub Art Project:

Collect some sand and color it blue by mixing it with dilute blue watercolor or poster paint, and dry it in the sun. In a plastic tub, collect some pebbles and stones and pile up one side to form a rocky shore. Fill the rest of the tub with blue colored sand. Make paper boats, color them, and put them in the sea. Make a lighthouse as described above, and place it on the rocky cliff.

Lighthouse Mosaic Art:

On a large piece of paper, Draw out a lighthouse as shown, or enlarge and print out this picture and use it as a template. Cut a large number of small squares in red and keep in advance. Get the children to color the lighthouse window, and sea around it. Then, the children can glue the little red squares all over the lighthouse. It will look like little bricks or a mosaic art.

Light House Bookmark:

lighthouse bookmark colored

Make a lighthouse bookmark like shown in this picture. All you need is some paper, colors and some ribbon. Draw an outline of a lighthouse on a thick piece of paper. Punch a hole on the top where the black dot is. Tie a piece of ribbon through the hole. Color and decorate the rest of the bookmark. Write this quote in the center " Be a shining light". Children can learn to use a bookmark, or give it as a gift to an adult.

Torch Light Lighthouse:

Make a lighthouse similar to the one described in the first paragraph of this article. Make sure you use thick chart paper. On the top of the lighthouse, cut out a little window. Make a small torch (flashlight) stand and place the lighthouse on top of it, so that the torch is inside the hollow of the lighthouse. The light of the torch (flashlight) will shine through the little window in the tower. Switch off the lights of the room and enjoy the torch lighthouse.

Hope these lighthouse art activities for preschool kids were useful. Here are some more ideas around a lighthouse theme that you can use for your classroom. For activities related to a beach and the sea theme for preschool, read this.