Preschool Lion Theme: Art and Craft Activities

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Kids love stories about lions. Use this preschool lion theme to teach preschool students a variety of skills. Here is a collection of art activities you can use with this theme. Introducing children early to a variety of art and craft projects will help develop their creativity and artistic skills. Some of these activities can be done as group projects in the classroom.

Lion Face Mask

Make a lion face mask out of a paper plate. Take a round paper plate and paste mustard colored paper on it. Cut triangular shapes in orange or a darker shade around the edges of the plate. Punch two holes on the two ends. Cut out two holes for eyes and draw nose and mouth. Tie some ribbon to the holes and use it to tie the mask on the child’s face.

Shapes Lion Craft

Teach children to make a lion face with a circle and triangles. Cut out a large circle and a few triangles. Get the children to glue a circle in the center and triangles around it. Draw eyes, nose and mouth. You can even get children to glue strips of green paper around the lion face for grass. Use this activity to teach children to identify and name shapes.

Fur Covered Lion

Cut yellow or orange yarn into tiny pieces with scissors. Draw an outline of a lion shape. Get the children to apply glue all over the lion. Then get them to spread the yarn pieces all over the body of the lion. It will give a furl like texture. Preschool kids will love playing with the yarn and glue in this activity.

Forest Collage

Get children to cut out various pictures of a forest scene from magazines. Collect pictures of a lion, trees, grass, birds etc. arrange them on a piece of paper and glue them all together to make a forest collage. If children are not able to find pictures, you can give them picture cut outs and allow them to arrange and glue the pictures to create a forest.

Lion Paw Marks Art

Here’s another activity kids will definitely enjoy. Cut out potatoes into half and carve them out to form lion paw shapes. Pour some paint into plates and give the children large sheets of paper. Allow the kids to dip the carved lion paws and stamp them on the paper to make designs. Just make sure children wear aprons or other protective layers to prevent paint from getting on their clothes.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas. Here are some more ideas for a preschool lion theme. Introducing games along the theme is another great way to get kids interested and excited. Here is one such game based on a lion theme. Adapt these ideas for your classroom. All the best.