Wild and Exciting Lion Theme Preschool Games

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Using Games in Teaching

Preschool teachers are notorious for thinking “outside of the box,” when it comes to implementing teaching techniques. Games are useful in the classroom, because they offer fun and interesting ways to teach concepts to preschoolers. This lion theme preschool game is no different. Learn how easy it can be to teach little ones the characteristic parts of a lion, while having a blast at the same time!

Lion Game

Set Up

This game requires pre-cut lion “puzzle pieces,” that will be used in a hidden-objects search by the students. Each section should be large enough to be somewhat easily seen when hidden. You might want to have a finished product on display to help students find the pieces, therefore make two sets of each piece. One set is for the model, and one to be later hidden.

Hidden-Objects Search

Have the lion pieces hidden (in partial view) throughout the classroom. Challenge your students to find the pieces of the lion puzzle, and later work together to create a lion. The head, body, four legs, and the tail make up the puzzle pieces. You could alter this game so everyone can find a piece, by making smaller pieces such as the mane, eyes, nose, paws, etc. However you go about separating your lion, your students will have a blast finding and solving the puzzle. Each child can only find one piece then they have to return to the circle and sit down. Teach team building by having the children help each other out in finding all the pieces successfully.

Build a Lion

Once the lion pieces are found, have the children work together to complete the puzzle. Having the children hold onto the lion pieces while sitting in a circle, call them up one by one and either stick it to a board using tape, or piece it together on the floor. Start with the easier pieces to place such as the body, then the head, then the legs. Have pictures of lions throughout the room for reference in addition to your puzzle model.


This game is complete when the lion is formed, and everyone wins! Once completed you could discuss the lion’s main attributes such as the mane, tail, and paws. This game can be easily adapted to any animal, and many other object-themed units.

Show Your Wild Side!

This lion theme preschool game is a fun supplement to traditional classroom curriculum. You can use this game alone, along with other lion activities or with any lion, animal or zoo lesson plan. By having your students become actively involved in a game, you offer them the opportunity to work as a team, utilize a hands-on approach in learning the material, and success in their endeavors!