Preschool Bread Activities for Children

Bread always brings lovely memories of warmth, love and home. Here are a collection of activities when teaching young children about bread. Use these activities to teach children about where bread comes from while they also learn math and literacy.

Make a Bakers Hat Craft Activity

Take a long and wide piece of thick white paper. Roll it and make a cylinder in such a way that it fits the top of a child’s head. Make one for each child and let them be “bakers” as they learn about bread and do various activities.

From Seed to Bread Poster Project

On a large poster, capture the journey from a seed to bread. Use real objects as much as possible and picture, when not possible. Draw arrows from one stage to the next. Some possible stages are a wheat seed, a small plant, a picture of a ready to harvest wheat farm, harvested wheat, the harvester, the mill, flour, a chef kneading bread, an oven, and a loaf of bread. This is a great way to help children understand how food comes from plants and how there are so many people helping us to get our food.

Sandwich Making Activity

Write out a simple recipe for a sandwich on a large poster. Help children to read the recipe and follow it step by step. Use it to help children understand the value of reading and the printed word. Also use it to teach children new words.

Sandwich Making Vocabulary Activity

After doing the sandwich making activity, get the children to draw a picture of what they did. Help them label their pictures, and then write out all the words that you have labeled on a big poster. Use this to familiarize the children with the written forms of words they know, as well as introduce them to new words.

Bakery Fun Math Activity

For this activity, print out pictures of a loaf of bread, glue them on to thick paper, and cut out about 50 such pieces. Give one child a bakers hat to wear( instructions given above). The other children must come to the “ bakery” and ask for a certain number of loaves of bread. The baker must take out the correct number and give it to the child.

Baking Activity

For this activity, you will need to knead some dough in advance. Tell the children that they are going to bake. Convert a cardboard box into an "oven". Find some small square and rectangle containers to bake the bread in. Get the children to fill up the containers with dough and put them into the oven. You can also include the step of lining the containers with paper.

Bread activities for children is a fun way to introduce the history and the process of bread making to preschoolers. Read on in our series for even more useful ideas.

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