Preschool Alphabet Craft Ideas

Preschool Alphabet Craft Ideas
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Alphabet Shapes

A hands-on multi sensory approach to learning the alphabet helps children learn and understand letter forms in a much better way. It

also helps them pick up reading and spelling easily. Here are a collection of ideas for preschool alphabet crafts that you can use to teach in your classroom.

Materials Required: Cardboard, scissors, craft glue, assorted craft materials

Cut out cardboard shapes of various letters. Give the children an assortment of craft materials including colored paper, beads, ribbons and even dry kitchen ingredients like pulses. Get the children to decorate their shape whichever way they want to.

Alphabet Poster

Materials required: Scissors, glue, newspapers and magazines, poster

On a large poster, write out the alphabet. Give the children some newspapers and magazines. Ask them to cut out as many letters as they want from them, and then glue the letters onto the poster.

Alphabet Scrapbook:

Materials Required: scissors, glue, scrapbook, newspapers and, magazines

Ask the children to make an alphabet scrapbook. On every page, ask them to write out one letter, and glue pictures of various things starting with that letter on the page. The children can look for pictures in newspapers and magazines.

Egg Shell Dye Craft:

Materials Required: Eggs, black paper, glue

Take a few eggs, make holes in both the ends and remove the contents. Dye the shells with ink or food coloring. Allow them to dry. Crush them into many small pieces. On a black piece of paper, draw out the outline of a letter. Glue the crushed pieces of the egg shells on the paper for a unique effect.

Dough Letters:

Materials Required: Dough, paint

Make dough that can be used for modeling. Give it to the children, and ask them to use it to mold different letter shapes. Allow them to dry. Get the children to paint them with attractive colors. You can now use these on a windowsill, or as paperweights.

Alphabet Mobiles:

Materials Required: Sticks, string, cardboard, glue, glitter glue, paint, paintbrushes, crayons.

Cut out a few alphabet shapes on cardboard (but not too big). Take two sticks, place them together to form a cross, and fix the center with some thread. Punch holes on every letter and use the holes to tie strings of different lengths to them. Give the letters to the children to decorate with paint and glitter. Allow them to dry. Tie the other end of the strings to the cross made of sticks to make a mobile. Children will love to take this mobile home and show it to their parents.

These are a just a few ideas for preschool alphabet crafts, but there are likely many more. Arts and crafts are a great medium to teach children. Be creative and come up with your own ideas. Do you have an idea that you’ve used? Do share it with us!