4 Activities for Letter B: Ideas for the Preschool Classroom

4 Activities for Letter B: Ideas for the Preschool Classroom
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Teaching preschoolers the second letter of the alphabet is easy with the free activities for letter B listed below. Use these activities as stand-alone lessons, or for an entire week devoted to learning the letter B.

Setting the Stage

To set the stage for your letter B lessons, consider devoting a day or week to a theme which incorporates the letter B. You can find more information about hosting a preschool beach theme right here at Bright Hub Education.

Pudding Painting

To help students begin to develop phonemic awareness, time must be spent looking at letters and their sounds. A great way to kick-off your study of the letter B is to devote some time to teaching children about the shape of the letter itself - both in its lowercase and uppercase form.

Tracing letters sets the stage for students eventually learning how to write on their own. Is there a better way to practice than with pudding? Here is what you will need:

  • One copy of the uppercase letter B page for each child (see below)
  • One copy of the lowercase letter B page for each child (see below)
  • Waxed paper (torn into sheets the same size as the letter page)
  • Scotch tape
  • Pudding (any flavor)

Beginning with the uppercase letter B, tape the page to the child’s desk or table space. Next, tape a sheet of the waxed paper over the top of the B sheet. This is to secure each, so that they do not slide around on the table. Give each child approximately two tablespoons of the pudding, placed directly on the waxed paper. Demonstrate to the child how to use their index finger to trace the letter below. Be certain to model how to write the letter correctly - starting from the top and moving down. When students are finished, they can smear the pudding over the letter and practice writing the letter B with their finger all over again! Clean up is easy. Simply loosen the tape and lift all of the papers together. Then, you can start all over again with the lowercase version.

Sing a Little Song

Let your students see how many words they can think of that begin with the letter B while practicing the sound the letter makes. Begin the fun by singing the following little song:

Baby, Baby

B (buh)

B (buh)

B (buh)

(repeat with the kids singing along this time)

Button, Button

B (buh)

B (buh)

B (buh)

(repeat with the kids singing along this time)

*** word in parenthesis represents the sound the letter makes

Next, let the children take turns joining in by coming up with their own words which begin with the letter B and following the same procedure as above. If you would like to take the activity an extra step, you can record the song you create on chart paper - making sure to include each verse the child(ren) uses. Then, take turns circling the letter Bs with a colored marker.

B is for Butter

Looking for a cute snack to serve along with your letter B activities? Why not consider letting your child(ren) help make butter! To coincide with your beach activities for your B theme, you can make banana bread and even read books about bread.


Students can practice their matching skills with this B worksheet using more words which begin with the letter B. If you have preschoolers who are more advanced, consider cutting the words out, scrabbling the letters and letting the child(ren) reassemble them correctly. They can then find the picture which matches.

Remember that one of the most important steps required for mastery when teaching letter recognition, letter sounds or letter writing is repetition. Work frequently with your preschooler(s) on these activities for letter B, so that they have the opportunity to continue practicing their newly acquired skill.


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