Two Easy-to-Do Christmas Art Projects For Preschool

Finding an Age-Appropriate Craft Idea

One of the best ways to get younger children into the Christmas spirit is to find some easy Christmas art projects for preschool age kids. This can be a bit tricky considering many of them are too young to be using things such as scissors or glue by themselves, but there are some great art projects out there that are simple and fun to do! Here is a look at a couple of easy Christmas art projects for the youngsters you teach.

What You Will Need

Here is a list of things one will need for doing these Christmas art projects.

Christmas Card Ornaments

1. Enough Christmas cards to make one ornament for each child

2. Hole Punch

3. Ribbon in traditional Christmas colors such as red and green plus some gold or silver, as well

4. Washable crayons or markers

5. Glue sticks

6. A small picture of each child.

Making the Christmas Card Ornaments

Christmas card ornaments are one of the simplest art projects for preschool kids. They also make great, small gifts for the children to give to their parents or grandparents as well! To begin with, you will want to give each child a Christmas card of their own. Allow them to color whatever picture they want and help them include a small message from the child. Children should be encouraged to be creative in their messages and pictures.

Once they are done coloring their picture and putting in their message you can then put a picture of the child on the other side of the card and secure it in place in with some glue. Last you should use a hole punch to put two holes into the card and use some ribbon to tie it together. This works to allow the ornament to be hung on the tree.

Read also Tanya Cowling's Three Creative Ideas for Personalized Christmas Cards for additional ideas.

Christmas Tree Ornament

Other art projects for preschool kids similar to the above Christmas card ornaments include the Christmas tree ornament. To make this craft one will need cutouts of Christmas trees made out of construction paper or printed from the computer. There are several different websites that offer special Christmas tree printouts that are perfect for art projects for preschool age kids such as these.

Next, children can then color and decorate their Christmas trees with markers or crayons depending upon their age group. Put the child's name, age and the date on the back of the Christmas tree once they are finished. After this is done a hole punch is used to put a hole in it and then ribbon or yarn is used and tied together so it can be hung on a tree. For a different way to make a tree ornament, read this great article about ornament crafts by Melissa Elizondo.

Both of these art projects are not only easy to do but fun as well! Adults and children will enjoy making them together and seeing the end product!