Two Palm Sunday and Last Supper Preschool Activities and Crafts

Palm Sunday

This story begins with Jesus returning to Jerusalem riding on a donkey. This was a very exciting time for those in that time, they laid

Learning About Jesus

down palm tree leaves for him to ride over as this was their way of showing Jesus they loved him.

Some religious elders in the community were threatened by the power Jesus had over the people and they placed an order that he should die. Jesus knew things would happen this way, and he asked that they help him prepare a dinner with his disciples.

At the dinner they broke bread and drank wine. They talked to Jesus, who said one of them would betray him, and that he would soon die. The disciples asked him questions because they wanted to know more, but Jesus only told them what they should know.

During this ceremony, Jesus did something that seemed unusual to them at the time. Jesus bent down and washed their feet in a basin. This ritual was like a renewing of their baptism. Depictions of this ceremony are recreated around the world.

Your children will learn from this story in the bible. They will learn more about this holiday when they participate in these Last Supper preschool activities and crafts

Last Supper Activities

The Last Supper game or the re-enacting of The Last Supper entails all of your students playing the part of the disciples and one playing the part of Jesus. You will need to gather a bible, a wash basin, bread that can be torn, and grape juice. You will need each student to wear a robe. They will each need fleece or soft plush material about 2 yards in length and width, with a slit for their head. A cord-type material will be needed to wrap around their waist.

After each child has been dressed up in their costume you can have a table set and have all of them all sit around it. You can decorate the table as if it is a feast for this re-enactment.

Read John 12:12 -13 KJV which talks about when Jesus returns to Jerusalem on the donkey (optional). Read John 6: 54 KJV which talks about when Jesus asked them to drink the wine and eat the bread. Read John 13:5 KJV which talks about when Jesus washed the disciple’s feet.

Read to them about how he talks about the bread and wine allowing them to eat and drink. Read to them how he talks about washing their feet and allow them to wash each other's feet without water, just making the motions with the basin. Afterwards allow the children to ask questions about what they have experienced and allow them to say what they feel about the experience overall.

Jesus Sculpture:

You will need to gather molding clay and paint for this project. Give the children their own clay and ask them to create a depiction of Jesus. Ask them to talk about his sacrifice for us. Ask the children if Jesus knew that He was going to die at the last supper. Ask them do they think He loves us. Allow the children to paint their artwork and let it dry.

Now that they have learned about this holiday, they will take this experience with them for a lifetime. They will always remember when they had fun with these Last Supper preschool activities and crafts.