Fun Preschool Student of the Week Activities for Your Classroom

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These preschool student of the week activities are meant to be used in conjunction with each other and placed on a “Student of the Week” bulletin board. You can also use any combination of the activities separately. Use these activities as a learning opportunity in your classroom, where students will learn more about themselves and be able to talk about themselves.

All about Me

Have students create a favorites collage. Give the student of the week a sheet of construction paper or small piece of poster board. Make a list of the favorites that students can place on the collage, such as favorite foods, toys, and characters. Of course, if they have other favorites, they can place those on the collage too. Have students go through old magazines and grocery ads to cut out their favorite items and then glue it to the construction paper. They can also bring in wrappers or labels from home to use on their collages. Create a “Student of the Week” bulletin board. Put the collage on the bulletin board.

You can also have your student bring in favorite items from home to show the class in a reusable bag. Send it home with your student the first day of the week, or you can even send it home over the weekend.

Say Cheese

Have your student bring in photos of them doing various things for the bulletin board display. Invite them to bring in photos of family fun, like vacation or birthday pictures. Also, have them bring in a family picture. Don’t forget to bring in pictures of pets too! Have the children bring in one photo of themselves, or you can take one. Explain that all the photos will be returned except the one of the student by himself. Arrange the photos on the bulletin board along with the favorites collage.

Make a wall of fame for the student of the week individual photos. After each student’s week is over, place the photos on a door or along the wall in your classroom. Die cut some stars and attach the student’s photo to the star before you put it up.


Give each student a piece of construction paper or finger paint paper along with some paint. It is up to you if you want to use finger paint or another type, such as watercolors. Have the child paint a self-portrait picture using hands or a paintbrush. You can place these pictures on your bulletin board. Then, after the week is over, send it home for your students to keep.


Compile questions for an interview to do with your student of the week. You can ask questions about what each student likes to do at school and at home, including fun things he likes to do with family. To add a fun touch, let the previous week’s student pick the questions to ask and conduct the interview with your help. When you have finished, share the interview results with the class. It is up to you if you want to post the interview on the bulletin board.