Three Preschool Church Crafts: Instruments of Praise, Tin Foil Sculpture & a Rainbow

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The Bible is rich with stories for your classroom. Here are some great church crafts for your preschool classroom to help support your Biblical lesson plans.

Three Activities

What do preschoolers do best? Explore with their minds and bodies - touching and experimenting as they go. Preschool crafts are an essential part of an early childhood program. Students love to manipulate materials, scissors, glue and paint. And this exploration is the core of their style of learning. The following are free activities that you can create with your students to help reinforce the Biblical stories and praise.

Instruments of Praise

What you’ll need:

You will be making instruments that the children can use to sing and make music of praise. Choose your favorite child-friendly songs of worship and use these percussive instruments to make joyful noise!

  • paper plates
  • stapler
  • dried beans, rice, buttons or small bells
  • paint and brushes or markers
  • 12" pieces of crepe paper streamer (2-3 per child)


Have each child decorate the bottom sides of their plates with the markers or paints. When they are done, let the children place a handful on the top side of one of their plates. Next, allow each student to choose 2 or 3 pieces of streamer and places these dangling off of one side of the plate. Place the second plate on top with the artwork facing up. Staple around the edges, securing the streamers with the staples as you go. Turn on the music and let the children shake their newly made instruments as you sing your praises.

Tin Foil Sculpture for Luke 5: 1-11 (Fishers of Men)

This craft is based on a New Testament story found in Luke 5: 1-11 in which Jesus asks fishermen to fish for men instead of fish. They become disciples of Jesus. The children will be making a three-dimensional relief of the Christian symbol of the fish.

What you’ll need:

  • squares of heavy cardboard (suggestion: 6"x6") 1 per student
  • pieces of yarn, waxed string, paper clips, beads, craft foam shapes
  • thick Yarn for fish shape
  • glue
  • large paint brushes
  • tin foil


Before class starts, create a Christian fish symbol on each piece of cardboard by gluing down thick yarn.

The students can glue the extra objects around the fish symbol (foam shapes, beads, etc.). Allow time for the objects to dry. You may want to continue the project over two days.

Once the glue has dried, make a solution of 1 part water/2 parts glue and have the students brush the entire surface with large paint brushes. Place a piece of foil over the surface and press it gently around the objects until it is firmly in place. Wrap the edged under the cardboard.

A Rainbow - God’s Promise To Noah (Genesis 6-9)

Check out a classroom rainbow activity to support the story of God’s promise to Noah. This is an activity that can be done throughout the year and will result in a beautiful, collaborative wall display for your class.

These preschool church crafts will help support and enhance your Bible lessons with your students. Using their hands to create crafts and works of art based on the stories you are telling them will reinforce the ideas and make preschool learning more meaningful.