Fun Preschool Space Activities and Crafts: Great Way for Preschoolers to Learn About Science

Fun Preschool Space Activities and Crafts: Great Way for Preschoolers to Learn About Science
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Kids are always interested in space. These space activities for preschool will keep your students moving and engaged, while at the same time, learning fun facts about space.

Large Motor Activities

Dancing Comets


  • 3-4 foot long crepe paper streamer for each student
  • music

Comets are the remains from the formation of stars and planets billions of years ago. They begin as large chunks of rock and ice that

eventually are pulled toward the sun. When a comet gets close enough to the sun, some of its ice melts. The melted ice becomes a gaseous tail that trails away from the sun. Help your students be comets by giving each child a crepe paper streamer. For the first of our preschool space activities, play music and allow students to dance around the room, trailing their streamers just like a comet with its tail.

Moon Walk

Due to the lack of gravitational pull on the moon, things weigh less. We could not walk on the moon as we do on earth. Ask your students to imagine what it would be like to walk on the moon. They would likely float around in slow motion. Now, ask them to compare that to how they walk on a denser planet like our earth, which has a much greater gravitational pull. Following your signal, students can take turns walking around the room like they are on the moon and then on earth.

Wish Upon a Star


  • cardboard or card stock
  • glitter or foil

Trace and cutout a wishing star from the cardboard or card stock. Cover it with foil or glitter. Recite the rhyme “Star Light, Star Bright” and pass the star around a circle so that each child has a chance to wish upon the star.

Star light, star bright

First star I see tonight

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight.

Sorting Activity


  • Ask parents to collect and send in pictures of activities you do during the day, and activities from the evening or nighttime. They can also include things you see at night and during the day. Glue the pictures to index cards,

Mix up the cards and set them out for the students. Ask them to sort the pictures into a daytime and nighttime pile. Discuss how the rotation of the earth affects day and night.

Letter Rockets

Using the letter rocket pattern from the media gallery, cut 26 rockets and tails from construction paper or card stock. Print uppercase and lowercase letters on each rocket, uppercase letters will go on the rockets and the corresponding lowercase letter will be printed on the tails. You may choose to laminate the pieces for durability. Students can match up each rocket with its corresponding tail.

Ordering Planets by Size

The last of our preschool space activities involves ordering the planets by size. Using a resource as a guide, make a cutout of each


planet to scale. Write the name of each planet on the cutout. Ask the class to order the planets according to their size.

These preschool space activities are simple, fun and educational. Your children are sure to have a “blast”!