Marlene Gundlach

Evaluating Assessment Principles

As we give assessments for learning, we must ask ourselves many important questions about the process. Why are we assessing the student and what do we hope to achieve with the results? We as teachers need to be more accountable and educate ourselves on the principles of assessment.

The Importance of Summer Learning: Closing the Gap

When summer rolls around, most kids are thinking of sleeping in and playing in the pool. Parents are occupied attempting to keep their kids busy and teachers are concerned that they didn’t prepare their students enough for the following year. However, all should be actively fighting braindrain.

Summer Learning Loss: How to Stop Summer Brain Drain

Summer brain drain is a real concern for teachers and parents. Students who are not actively engaged in some form of academic activity during the summer can lose up to two months worth of knowledge. The good news is that it can be prevented by consistent and continuous engagement.

Create Your Own Summer Kids Book Club

Kids can lose over two months worth of knowledge over the summer if they do not engage in regular learning activities. Reading is the easiest way to engage your child over the summer to avoid the summer learning loss from occurring. Help them out by creating your own book club this summer!