Three Fun Candy Corn Crafts for the Preschool Class

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The Autumn Season

It’s that time again. Time for Halloween parties, Thanksgiving feasts, and many other autumn celebrations. Candy corn treats have become a symbol of the autumn season. Their classic shape and colors make them the perfect model for preschool crafts. You will have no trouble engaging young ones in activities during this bountiful season with these candy corn crafts for preschool. These candy corn activities will become so loved by your students you may decide to continue them throughout the year as an addition to four-season themed lesson plans!

Candy Corn Crafts Cut-Out: Draw a picture of a candy corn on a standard size white piece of paper and cut it out (one per child). The size could be large enough for a wall hanging or small enough for an ornament. Have pre-cut (or torn) 1 square inch pieces of orange, white and yellow tissue paper available. Place these in separate containers, and have glue or paste available for either you or the child to use depending on ability. Glue yellow on the bottom tier, orange in the middle tier and white on the top-tier, which are the classic candy corn colors. When finished, punch a hole at the top of the corn and string a ribbon through it to hang in celebration for the fall season!

Colorful Candy Corns: Who says a candy corn has to be white, yellow, and orange? Draw a picture of a candy corn on a standard size white piece of paper, and draw three sections on it (one per child). Hand out “autumn” colors such as orange, yellow, red, brown, black, and purple for example. You can use a medium of your choice such as crayons, markers, or paints.Have the children color the sections any way they wish, and see how the variations create a colorful autumn display!

Candy Corn Wreaths: Pre-cut any-sized donut shaped wreaths using cardboard, card stock, or any sturdy paper. Tie a ribbon around it for hanging (one per child). Have bowls filled with candy corn at each table, as well as glue. Have the children use the glue and place candy corn around the wreath.Some children may need help with this activity depending on skill level. When all of the candy corn is set, run glue over the top of the fixed candy corn and sprinkle some orange, white, yellow, or silver glitter on top to make your autumn season shine!

Yummy Fun!

While crafting, have plenty of candy corn available for your preschoolers to refer to and of course to eat! Treats, games and activities will be plentiful this fall season and beyond!

Use these candy corn crafts throughout the year. Even though they are traditionally used during Autumn, they could be used as an addition to any four season-themed lesson plan. Many programs offer seasonal activities throughout the year to keep the concepts fresh in young minds. Spice up your program by not letting the season dictate what you want to teach!