Preschool Fox Craft & Activity: Learning About the Sly Fox

Preschool Fox Craft & Activity: Learning About the Sly Fox
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The Fox

“Sly like a fox” is a phrase that we have all heard at least once in our lifetimes. Well, the fox actually lives up to its reputation. They live in the most heavily wooded areas and even in the Arctic, but it is highly rare to see them. Their tracks are more commonly found, but to see one out in the open is unusual.

Foxes are often by themselves as they don’t run in packs. They eat other animals which makes them carnivores, but they are also known to eat fruit and vegetables. The female will have a litter sometime in the early spring, and the young foxes leave the den somewhere around ten months old when they are sexually matured.

These facts are true for most foxes regardless of where they live. These creatures are beautiful to look at, and what’s truly amazing about them is that they are a part of the dog family but have many habits like the cat.

How astonishing is that? Your class will love learning these tidbits about this beautiful animal. They will love this craft that both easy to do and fun to own after they have made them. Bring some forest fun to your classroom as it is visited by the fox.

Craft and Activity

Fox Photos - Print out at least ten beautiful photos of foxes in their habitat for your students. Write fun facts for kids on the back of the photos, and explain each picture to them. If you are able to find photos, it would be best to find those that have the fox with their cubs. Also find those that actually place them in the Arctic and in other settings. Any photo that you think the preschoolers would find interesting should do and will allow them to ask questions or talk about the pictures in general.

Fox Costume

  • Materials: You need to gather Dixie paper cups, red and black paint, two rolls of stretchy sewing elastic, red construction paper, brown paper bag, scissors, and a hole puncher.
  • Instructions: Allow the children to paint their Dixie cups red, and let them dry. Cut off the folding part of the paper bag, let the children paint them red, and let it dry. Cut two to two and one half inch triangles out of the red construction paper, and punch one hole on the edge of each corner. Help the children paint a black dot in the middle of the bottom of the Dixie cup for the nose and let dry. Roll the dried paper bag and cut into long strips for the tail.
  • Assemble: Thread the elastic through both ears allowing them to bend forward slightly. Measure around the child’s head loosely and tie. Punch a hole on each side of the Dixie cup, and thread the elastic through it measuring it around the child’s head loosely. Punch a hole in the rolled paper bag and thread with the elastic. Measure the elastic for the tail around the child’s waist loosely and comfortably.

This craft and activity will turn your preschool class into a room full of sly foxes. The children will be able to pretend that they are one of these awesome creatures. They will never forget the day that they learned about the fox with these preschool fox crafts.

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