Fire Safety Activities for Preschool: Plan for Escape With an Obstacle Course

Fire Safety Activities for Preschool: Plan for Escape With an Obstacle Course
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Discuss the Importance of a Fire Escape Plan with Preschoolers

Fire safety activities for preschool children, like this esape plan obstacle course, will work well along with other lessons, activities and

craft projects on fire safety and fire prevention. Before beginning the activity with the students, explain what a fire escape plan is and how it can help keep them safe. Stress and reiterate important fire safety rules.

Materials Needed for the Fire Safety Activity

  • Objects to serve as borders for the maze and obstacles along the way (such as chairs, tables, pillows or cardboard boxes) - The obstacles should be large enough for a preschooler to crawl under or small enough to slither over or around.
  • Red balloons
  • String
  • Tape

Teacher Preparation for the Fire Escape Plan Obstacle Course

  • To prepare for this fire safety activity, arrange the boxes, chairs and other large objects to create a small maze for the preschoolers. This can be done in an open space indoors or on the playground, if weather permits. Since the maze is meant to teach the children about the importance of escape plans, allow at least two unblocked ways to exit the course.

  • Add the obstacles throughout the maze. Set it up so that they must climb over, under or around the items.

  • Blow up red balloons, tie string to the end and use the tape to suspend them above the course (if indoors). Also, place them in a few locations along the course and at least one of the exits. They will represent fire to the kids.

Remember to keep the maze simple so that preschool children will be able to maneuver through the course without much difficulty.

Directions for the Fire Escape Plan Obstacle Course

Explain and demonstrate to the children how they must go through the course – always staying low to ground to avoid the ‘balloon’ fire and moving as quickly as possible to find a way out. Remind them that if they come to an exit with red balloons in front of it, they must find another alternative.

Have the children line up at the designated starting point of the maze. Allow one child to attempt the obstacle course at a time to prevent injuries. After all of the preschoolers have had a turn in the course, have them go through a second time. Point out how much quicker they were able to find an exit the second time. Emphasize that practicing an escape plan can also help prepare them to exit a building quicker in case of a fire.

Using a stop watch to time the children is optional.

Have Preschool Children Create Their Own Fire Escape Plans

Now that the children have had an opportunity to see how helpful it is to know and practice an escape plan, have them create one of their own. Remind them that every escape plan should have at least two ways out in case the fire is near the first choice.

Send a blank sheet of paper and short note home to parents asking them to assist their children in sketching a quick diagram of the child’s room. Have them note where all windows and doors are in the room. Children should find and mark at least two ways of escape from the room by drawing a big arrow pointing at each exit.

Encourage parents to practice this escape plan with their preschoolers.

Fire safety activities and lesson plans for preschool students, such as this escape plan obstacle course, are key in helping chidren learn, understand and remember valuable rules of fire safety and fire prevention.

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