An Octopus Preschool Craft for the Classroom

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Preschoolers will enjoy hearing the story, My Very Own Octopus. It is about a little boy imagining what it would be like to have an octopus for a pet. After reading the book, help your preschool students make these cute sea creatures. It’s an octopus preschool craft they will love to make and their parents will love to see!


My Very Own Octopus by Bernard Most

Finger paints

Sponge paintbrush

Light blue construction paper, one sheet per child

Wiggly eyes, two per child

glitter, markers, crayons


Begin the lesson by reading the book, My Very Own Octopus by Bernard Most to the class. Discuss the idea of having an octopus for a pet. You might talk about what other animals would not make good pets and why. Then tell the children that they are going to be making their very own octopus.

Give each student a sheet of blue paper. Then model how to make the octopus. Paint the palm and four fingers of each student’s hand with finger paints and a sponge paintbrush. Do not paint the thumb. Then help the student make a hand print with the palm as the body and the fingers the legs. Paint the hand again and make another print, overlapping the palms and staggering the fingers to make eight legs.

The students can then sprinkle their octopus with glitter and add two eyes. If you are making these as part of an ocean or sea life theme, let your student draw in the background. They can draw in fish, seaweed, shells and other sea life.


  • Read a nonfiction book about the octopus such as An Octopus Is Amazing by Patricia Lauber or Welcome to the World of Octopus by Dianne Swanson. After reading the book, draw a large octopus on bulletin board paper and let your students help you think of eight facts they learned about the animal. Write one fact in each leg.
  • Give students a picture of an octopus to color and use the legs to practice counting to eight.
  • Make other sea creatures. Some to try are these fun fish crafts or this preschool starfish craft.

There are lots of fun art projects to make when you are studying sea life. Your students are sure to love making these cute octopus crafts!

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