Preschool Crafts on the Creation of the World in Genesis: Having Fun With Bible Stories

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Day One – Light and Darkness

Give preschoolers a can and show them how to trace around the circumference of the can to draw a circle. Have them draw and cut out a circle from thick yellow paper and thick black paper. Then help them to glue the two papers together. Label one side “light” and one side “dark.” Punch a hole through the top of the disk and hang it from the ceiling.

Day Two – Separation of the Upper and Lower Waters

Give children a piece of construction paper, some blue tissue paper, and some cotton balls. Show children how to glue the cotton balls on the top of the picture to look like clouds. Help them to crumple up the tissue paper and glue it to the bottom of the picture to look like the sea.

Day Three – Plants

Help children make a nature collage by gluing objects from nature on a piece of paper. Encourage them to collect different types of objects, such as wildflowers, grass, leaves, acorns, and bark. Or try some other fun nature crafts for kids.

Day Four – Sun, Moon, and Stars

Have students color with crayon on a piece of tagboard, covering all of the whitespace with color. Help them paint with black tempura paint over the crayon until the entire paper is covered. Then help them use a penny to scratch out shapes of a sun, and moon, and some stars. The colorful crayon marks will be revealed against the black background!

Day Five – Birds, Fish, and Insects

Divide a very large piece of butcher paper into three sections using two horizontal lines. The top section represents the sky, the middle section represents the land, and the bottom section represents the ocean. (You may wish to color the backgrounds accordingly.) Draw one vertical line down the middle of the paper; the left side will be used for Day Five, and the right side for Day Six. Then have children draw their own pictures of birds, fish, and insects and paste them in the correct area of the paper. Children can also cut pictures out of newspapers and magazines, especially pet store circulars.

Day Six – Animals and Man

Repeat the previous craft, but this time including only land animals and humans.

Day Seven – Rest

Give each child two pieces of felt, a bottle of glue, and some cotton stuffing. Show children how to glue around three edges of one piece of felt and press the second piece of felt on top. When the glue dries, let them stuff the pocket that they made to form a pillow. Help them to glue the last side together to seal the pillow. If you’d like, let children decorate their pillows with paint or other craft supplies.

These preschool creation crafts are a great way to teach pre-k students about the bible story of creation. You can also take a look at this six days of creation lesson plan for an additional craft idea.