Teaching Numbers to Preschoolers: Activities and Worksheets Using a Calendar

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Activities and Worksheets Using a Calendar

When it comes time to begin teaching preschoolers about numbers, using activities and worksheets are a great way to keep children interested in learning. Allowing the children to create a calendar is a fun activity to teach them letter recognition, counting, and writing numbers. This calendar activity is done in the class and then can be finished at home. There are many fun worksheets that can be used as extensions to help teach preschoolers about numbers.

Numbers Using a Calendar

In order to use this calendar activity in school, you will need a little preparation. To do this activity, you will need to create a basic outline of a calendar on the computer. Insert a table to create the calendar squares. Print the calendar off for every student.

Pick a month of the year that you will want to use. Have the students correctly name and number each day of the month. Next, they can label the holidays on their calendars. This is a fun activity to help them learn their numbers (1-30 or 31).

Have the students take their calendars home. At home, have them sit down with their parents to label the calendar with family members’ birthdays and special family events. The students can then have their own calendar at home to keep track of the days of the month and special or important dates throughout the month.

Worksheets for Numbers

For preschoolers to learn how to write numbers, this fun printable worksheet lets the students practice tracing the numbers to learn how to write. There is a shapes coloring section at the bottom of the worksheet to allow the students to color.

Another fun worksheet that is available at the same site, allows preschoolers to learn how to spell the names of numbers. These printable worksheets have fun images on the bottom of the page to help the students learn about numbers and use their creative side.

There are also additional worksheets found at the same site that give students the opportunity to practice counting. The colorful images on the pages are fun for preschoolers to practice counting with. The students have to write the correct number of the images on the paper, also giving them practice writing numbers.

After completing these activities and worksheets, your preschoolers will be counting numbers with ease! Have fun!