Three Super Spaghetti Activities for Preschool: Don't Pass on This Pasta Fun!

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Raw spaghetti is boring and straight, but cooked spaghetti is perfect for craft projects and fun activities. Try some of these original spaghetti activities with your preschooler, and keep them busy for hours.

Paint With Spaghetti

If your preschoolers are bored of “plain old painting,” spice it up by using different paintbrushes – strands of spaghetti! Cook spaghetti for a minute or two shorter than the directions call for; the spaghetti should be soft, but not completely limp. Let preschool kids dip the spaghetti into tempera paint and drag it across fingerpainting paper. Use a different strand of spaghetti for each color, and help the kids to experiment with different motions each time. The colors will blend together, and the kids will love their unique creations! (Keep in mind that this spaghetti activity is quite messy, so consider doing it outside and expect the kids to get covered in paint.)

Spaghetti Shapes

Give each child a piece of construction paper and help them to write their name neatly. Cook spaghetti, and coat it in glue. Let them glue the spaghetti into the shape of their name, and wait for it to dry. It will dry in the shape of their name! Encourage them to paint their creation and hang it up somewhere that it will not break.

Alternatively, let them use the spaghetti to create any shape they desire. They can even use spaghetti to make a spider web. (See this article for this and other spider activities for preschoolers.)

The Longest Spaghetti Chain

If you are working with several preschoolers (or even some older kids), try challenging them to build the longest spaghetti chain ever. Break the kids into two teams, and give each team a package of raw spaghetti, some glue, and some tape. For each team, place a piece of spaghetti on a desk, with a book on top of it. (You might need to tape or glue it on as well, to keep it in place.)

The goal of the spaghetti activity is to stick pieces of spaghetti together piece by piece to create the longest chain possible. They can use glue or tape (but warn them that, although tape is faster, it weighs down the chain more easily). If they use glue, they’ll need to hold each pair of spaghetti pieces together until the glue dries. This activity is the perfect way to teach teamwork, as the kids must work together to build their spaghetti chain.

All of these spaghetti activities for preschool are perfect for letting kids’ creativity run wild. If you’d like, make one day a spaghetti day, and try all of the activities with your kids. Pasta has never been so much fun!