Three Incy Wincy Spider Activities for Preschool Students

Three Incy Wincy Spider Activities for Preschool Students
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As the start of your spider lessons, read children a modern version of Incy Wincy Spider – there are some great ones out there by Keith

Chapman and Katie George. After you read the story, encourage children to sing the song with you and go through the motions. If some children are not familiar with the song, teach it line by line while demonstrating the hand motions.

Ask the children what they know about spiders. Some may volunteer information such as “spiders build webs” or “spiders have eight legs.” Encourage children to discuss how a spider might build a web. Explain that spiders make a kind of string called “silk” in their bodies and that they build a web by letting out some silk as it moves around.

Web Making

Demonstrate how a spider builds a web by having the children stand in a circle around you. Give one child the end of a ball of yarn to hold. Then walk to the other side of the circle, unraveling the ball as you do so. When you reach the other side of the circle, have a child on that side hold the continuation of the yarn. Continue moving around the circle, allowing various children to hold the yarn as you move. (You will need to duck under the “web” as you move around.) At the end, prompt children to explain what the activity can help them understand about spiders. Explain that spiders build a web in a similar way, by sticking the silk to walls or ceilings as they move around.

Spaghetti Web Craft

Give each child a handful of cooked, cold spaghetti. Have them dip each strand into a mixture of equal parts glue and water. Then encourage them to make the spaghetti strands into the shape of a spider’s web on a piece of construction paper. Let the spaghetti dry, and the web will harden. You may want to give children the option to paint the web or create a small spider from pipe cleaners to add to their project.

Untangling the Web

The following fun activity is a great wrap-up for this spider lesson plan for preschoolers. Have the children hold hands in a circle. Then lead a child towards the other end of the circle and have her duck beneath a pair of linked hands. Other children may follow. Repeat this step a few times so that the children will be “tangled in a web.” Then encourage them to untangle themselves from the spider’s web.

These spider lessons for preschool will teach children science facts, give them the opportunity to be creative with an art project (Spaghetti Web), and practice teamwork (Untangling the Web). Encourage interested students to learn more about spiders by taking out library books on the subject.

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