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Eensy Weensy Spider

written by: ARobin • edited by: Laurie Patsalides • updated: 4/5/2012

This eensy weensy spider and web art project will decorate any classroom with creepy crawly spiders. The project should be done in two parts in effort to allow paint and glue to dry completely. When the project is finished, your students will have created spooky spider webs and a dangling spider.

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    Things You Will Need

    heavy paper plates (one for each child)

    washable black paint

    white yarn


    white glue

    black, yellow and orange paper scraps

    black fine point marker

    four twist ties

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    Cut several small slits evenly spaced around the edge of the paper plate.

    Paint the paper plate with the black paint and allow to dry completely.

    When the paint is dried, wrap the white yarn around and around the paper plate to form a spider's web. The yarn should be "woven" in between the slits and rest securely in the slits.

    Leave one end of the yarn hanging down off of the web, so you will have enough yarn to attach the spider.

    Tie a loop at the top of the web to allow you to hang the web from the ceiling.

    To create the spider, cut two circles (both the same size) from black construction paper.

    Paint one circle with white liquid glue and place four twist ties across the circle, so that they stick out on each side. These will be the spider's legs.

    Paint the other circle with glue and "sandwich" the twist ties between the two circles.

    Glue on wiggle eyes.

    After the glue dries and the twist ties are secure, bend each tie to form spider's "knees".

    Attach the spider to the yarn hanging from the web by putting the yarn in between the two circles. Glue to secure.

    Allow glue to dry completely before hanging from the ceiling or door.

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    Teacher Notes

    1. To bring the spider nursery rhymes alive, sing " The Eensy, Weensy Spider" while standing under the hanging webs.

    2. Provide each child with a small pillow or carpet square. Give each child a small serving of cottage cheese. Explain to them that when Little Miss Muffet was sitting on her tuffet eating her curds and whey, it was very similar to sitting on a pillow eating cottage cheese. Have the children repeat the traditional nursery ryhme using each student's name in place of Miss Muffet's. Again, obtain the full "spidery" effect, the children should be sitting under the hanging webs.

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    Spider Web

    Spider Web
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    Suggested Reading

    Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk

    The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

    The Lady And The Spider by Faith McNulty

    Allow your classroom to watch the movie Charlotte's Web. You can find it in the recent blockbuster full length movie or a short animated version.

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