Preschool Nutrition Lesson Plans: How to Make a Healthy Snack

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Use this preschool nutrition lesson plan to teach your preschool class how to make good nutrition choices. You could also use this recipe for an at home playdate!


Examples of healthy and unhealthy snacks

Construction paper


8 cups Chex cereal, any variety

1 cup dried fruit bits

1 cup raisins

1 cup peanuts*

1 cup m & ms*

2 cups Goldfish crackers, any variety (optional)

Small plastic cups

*Be sure to check with the parents in your class about peanut allergies. If anyone in your class has a peanut allergy, talk to the parents involved about peanut free options.

Prior Knowledge

Show students the examples of snacks that you brought in and ask students to name them. Have students tell what they brought in for a snack.


Talk about how food is made up of different ingredients and how your body needs certain vitamins to make it work. Sort the snacks you brought into two groups, healthy and unhealthy. Talk about why you put each snack into each group, such as too much sugar or lots of vitamins.


After you finish sorting the snacks, pass out construction paper and crayons. Have students draw a line down the middle of their paper or fold it in half. Have them draw a picture of a healthy snack on one side and an unhealthy snack on the other.

When you are finished drawing the pictures, get out the ingredients for the trail mix. Have students take turns helping you measure out each ingredient. Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix together, which your students can help you do. Use the small plastic cups to serve the trail mix to your students to enjoy.


Have your students tell you an example of a healthy and unhealthy snack.


Have the parents help your students keep a food diary of what they eat in one day. Have them put a green check beside the healthy choices and a red check beside the unhealthy choices.

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