Bean Bag Games for Preschoolers: Teaching Colors

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Preparing for the Game

To prepare students to play this game, teach colors so that they are able to understand the names of different colors on the Twister mat. This game, as you will see below, is easily modified to learn about things other than color. Students can also use this setup to practice shapes, animals and any other variety of things that you wish to incorporate into the game to make different beanbag preschool games. Follow the instructions to make this game with the old favorite, Twister.

Bean Bag Twister Game

This game develops gross motor skills and identification skills. This particular version of using beanbags to play Twister focuses on identifying colors, but as mentioned above, it may be modified to be used with other subject matters. To play the game, follow the instructions below:

  • You will need a Twister mat and several beanbags, along with the spinner that comes with Twister.
  • Lay out the Twister mat.
  • Have students line up at one end of the mat.
  • You will spin the spinner.
  • Choose one student to verbally identify the color the spinner stops on.
  • All of the students will take turns one at a time tossing the bean bags to land on the right color. Make sure as students play this game that they say aloud the color they are throwing the bean bags to.
  • If a child misses, have them re-throw the bean bag until they successfully land on the correct color.
  • Have the children pick up a bean bag, return to the starting position, and begin again. This time, choose a different student to identify the name of the color you land on.

This game can go from very simple to more detailed and difficult at your discretion. Keep this in mind as you observe the preschoolers playing this game.

To make this game more difficult:

  • As the spinner lands on a color, have students use the body part mentioned on the spinner to throw the bean bag.
  • Teach children the names of colors in different languages as well.

Below are some tips for modifying this game to fit into different subject matters:

  • Tape pictures of fruits and vegetable to their matching colors on the Twister Game. Put the same pictures on the spinner so that it works with the game. This is a great way to practice fruit and vegetable memorization as well as color association.
  • Tape pictures of different types of vehicles to the Twister mat as well as to the spinner. For example, a red firetruck on red, a police car on blue, a DNR SUV on the green and so on.
  • Combine the two above suggestions for a cumulative crazy game!

Use these ideas to get you started, but modify the game to fit the needs of your classroom. If you get creative enough, almost anything will work with this game. If your children enjoy playing this game then you have acquired a sure way to get their attention on difficult subjects. One of the goals of this game is to develop gross motor skills. Read the sections below to see how this game can be used to develop specific motor skills.

Using Beanbags to Develop Gross Motor Skills

It is important that children work to develop their gross motor skills, since they are used for major body movement like walking, running, balance, coordination, jumping, and reaching. Read below to get some ideas on how to modify these beanbag games to help develop gross motor skills in preschool students:

  • Ask children to use specific parts of their legs or feet to toss the bean bag.
  • Ask children to use specific parts of their arms to toss the bean bag.
  • When using arms or legs, get creative and ask children to stand backward and toss the bag.
  • Have children do various activities while tossing the bean bag, such as jumping up and down or running in place.
  • Have the students balance the beanbag on their heads as they walk across the room. For more fun, take it outside or to the gymnasium and make it a race.

Get creative and modify the game to help children develop specific motor skills. They develop these skills best by practicing. This is a fun way for them to practice their skills and learn about various educational subjects at the same time.

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