How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers with Preschool Students

If there is something I have learned from working with children in the past, it’s how much they love arts and crafts. They love to be creative and make something new. This is a great way to keep them busy and learning.

One craft that is very easy for children to do is making paper flowers. It takes little materials and a few steps, but it is not to time consuming at all. But since there is a little cutting involved, children should be sure to get help from a parent or guardian before they begin this craft. Some adults may even decide to try this craft out themselves!

Here are the materials and directions on how to make paper flowers.


  • Round Tissue Paper of any color. (If you cannot find any round tissue paper, you can always cut it out of regular tissue paper.)
  • Pipe Cleaners (green is recommended since the pipe cleaners will be acting as the flower stems).
  • Safety Scissors (if cutting the tissue paper).


1. First you will need two or more pieces of round tissue paper. This can be any color you want. If you cannot find round tissue paper in any stores, then you can just cut regular tissue paper into a small (but not tiny) round shape.

2. Take the tip of the pipe cleaner and fold it in. This is only on one end and it's only the very tip. The folded area makes the flower more realistic looking and it will keep the tissue paper on the end in place.

3. This step will involve the other end of the pipe cleaner (the end that is not folded in). Use it to carefully poke a hole into the center of the tissue paper. Be very careful with this step so the tissue paper does not rip any bigger than the hole you want.

4. Carefully slide the tissue paper up the pipe cleaner and to the other end. The tissue paper should not be on the end where the tip is folded. Repeat steps three and four for additional tissue paper used.

5. After you are finished sliding all of the tissue paper you want to use to the other end of the pipe cleaner, carefully crumple them a little so they look like flower petals. Be very careful though, as you do not want to rip the tissue paper.

You have just learned how to make paper flowers! This is a very easy craft and it makes a great homemade gift! Children can create them as homemade gifts, when learning about flowers, or for playtime. Be sure to let children try out this craft on their own and only step in when needed (for example, cutting or poking hole through the tissue paper). Remember, paper flowers are adorable and they will live a lot longer than real flowers!