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Shape Tracing: Activities, Ideas, and Worksheets for Preschoolers

written by: Janelle Cox • edited by: Sarah Malburg • updated: 9/30/2012

If you are teaching your preschool class to trace shapes, here are five fun activities that will get your class ready to draw. Preschoolers will learn how to draw a variety of shapes varying in different sizes while they develop fine motor skills as well as creativity.

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    Practice Makes Perfect

    Preschoolers learn how to draw basic shapes through tracing and a lot of practice. Use these activities as a precursor to learning how to print words. You can find a worksheet from Bright Hub Education, a downloadable Word doc titled Shape Tracing, by clicking on the link. Have the students practice tracing a variety of shapes. Once they have completed the worksheet, have them try to draw their favorite shape by themselves.

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    Scoop it Up

    For this ice cream cone activity, Ice Cream Cone have students trace, color, and cut out three circles and one triangle. Then, on a separate piece of paper, have the students glue the shapes onto the paper to make an ice cream cone. For additional tracing practice, only print out one circle and have students use that circle to trace the remaining two circles that are needed.

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    House Made of Shapes

    House of Shapes 

    This activity uses several different shapes to create a house. Have students trace, color and cut all of the shapes on the worksheet titled House of Shapes (available right here on Bright Hub Education as a free Word doc by clicking on the link). Then, on a separate sheet of paper, have the students create the house as they like. In this activity, students will be exposed to a variety of shapes fluctuating in different sizes.

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    Casey the Caterpillar

    Students will learn all about circles by tracing them to create "Casey the Caterpillar." First have the students trace, color, and cut six medium circles, one large circle, two small circles, and a crescent shape. Then have them glue them together to make "Casey the Caterpillar." Have the students trace and cut one medium circle and use that circle to trace the other five circles that are needed. That way they will get practice tracing a circle and eventually learn how to draw it freehand.

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    Tracing Classroom Shapes

    This is a fun activity that teaches students how to trace around objects to create shapes. In every classroom, you will find an abundance of materials that your students can use to trace. Draw a shape on the front board and have the students search the classroom for an object that resembles the shape on the board. First provide each student with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil, then draw a circle on the front board and have the students search the room for an object that is shaped like a circle. Students may find objects such as a pencil can, a bowl, a lid, round stickers, a cup, and a paper towel roll. Once they have found the object, have them bring it to their desk and trace the shape on the paper. For additional practice, continue the activity with different shapes such as a square and a rectangle.

    Preschoolers love learning about shapes. In all of these preschool shapes tracing activities, students will learn how to draw basic shapes through tracing and creating crafts. They will be able to connect familiar classroom objects with geometric shapes.