Lesson Plan on Circle Shapes: Preschool Shapes Activities

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Although preschool students probably still struggle to identify various shapes, they are probably most familiar with circles. To reinforce this concept, try out this lesson plan on circle shapes. Preschool students enjoy make circles and using them, and this lesson plan will help them to do just that.

Drawing with the Circle Song

Draw a circle on the board, and hand out copies of circles for students to trace. Trace the circle on the board while singing the following chant:

“Start at the top

Loop to the floor

Swing back around…

Let’s make more!”

While you continue to trace the circle on the board, encourage them to trace the circles on their papers. Then encourage them to try making circles on their own while singing the chant.

Caterpillar Craft

Give each student a bottle cap, jar lid, or other circular object. Show students how to trace around the object to create a circle. Then help them cut out the circles and stack them in a pile. Show them how to glue their circles in a row on another piece of paper to create a caterpillar. Provide students with art supplies to draw a face on their caterpillars and decorate each of its parts as they desire.

Circles Around Us

Have students identify objects in the classroom that are circles. For example, students may identify a clock, the eraser on a pencil, a light fixture, or a bracelet. You can also have students draw pictures of other things made of circles: a snowman, the moon, or a button. Alternatively, take a nature walk with students and encourage them to point out any circles that they find.

Try out some of the activities in this lesson plan on circle shapes. Preschool students will love learning more about shapes, especially the more familiar circle. Most importantly, you’ll be helping them to connect geometric concepts with other familiar ideas in the world around them.