Teaching Kids Math with Papa Get Me The Moon by Eric Carle

Teaching Kids Math with Papa Get Me The Moon by Eric Carle
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Lesson Overview

This teacher lesson plan is geared to elementary level classes and takes about 30 minutes to complete. These math lesson activities support and enhance prior literacy learning of other lessons and activities in the Eric Carle unit study for Papa Get Me the Moon.

By the end of this elementary math lesson plan, children have exercised primary mathematical skills like counting, classifying, and addition. They have heard the story and been exposed to multisensory learning opportunities for increased understanding and comprehension.

Teacher Resources - Supply List

The following worksheets need to be prepared prior to classes. Prepare them as follows:

Using the picture of the moon, copy the image, and make a worksheet showing a row of sets of two, three, five, and six moons. Underneath the pictures, print the numerals: 2, 3, 5, and 6. Print the following instructions on the worksheet:

  1. Circle and make an X on the odd number of moons.
  2. Trace and write the numbers underneath the even moons.

To make the next worksheet, place the pictures of the moon on the left side of the paper and scramble the numbers on the right. The directions for this part of the worksheet should read:

  1. Draw a line to the number that matches the total number of moons.

Make enough copies of the worksheet for each children to complete one worksheet in class, and take a copy home for homework. Spaced repetition is a time-tested way to teach children mathematical skills.

Educational Math Activities

Guide the children in understanding and completing these math exercises using teaching techniques like rote counting and identifying sets.

  1. Explain the difference between odd and even numbers. Fine motor skills are developed as children trace and write the numerals, as is hand-to-eye coordination.
  2. After completing the worksheets, instruct children to take seats on the floor, and read the story of Papa Get Me the Moon again.
  3. Encourage them to clap every time they hear the word moon, and make a tally mark on the chalkboard.
  4. At the conclusion of the story, count the tally marks in unison to determine how many times the word moon is used in the story.
  5. Conclude the lesson by going back through the story and leading the children in counting the ways Papa tries to reach the moon.

This teacher lesson plan for Papa Get Me the Moon by Eric Carle uses repetition to help kids connect words and numbers. Mathematical skills are encouraged when the students complete various worksheets and verbal exercises. The re-telling of the story of the father who is determined to get the moon for his daughter provides deeper levels of understanding and comprehension. Children learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process and multiple senses are engaged in the learning process.

Recommending Reading Lists and Image Credits

Here are some elementary level books to support and extend the lesson material from this lesson plan. These books can be used by teachers or parents.

If You Were a Fraction, Trisha Speed Shaskan

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Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

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