Kindergarten Apple Taste Test and Experience

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You will need:

  • Variety of apples
  • Apple cut-outs or stickers
  • 2 pieces of poster board

Purchase a variety of apples. Buy enough of each apple to allow every student to try a slice.

To Make:

  1. Wash apples thoroughly, but do not peel them.
  2. Provide apple cut-outs or stickers in yellow, green and red.
  3. Create two separate charts to use for graphs. The first chart should list the name of each student. Use the apple stickers or cut-outs to track the color apple favored by each child. For example, if Jane liked the green apple, place a green apple sticker or cut-out next to her name.
  4. On the other chart, list the names and color of each apple that was tasted. Take a class vote for each apple. If 4 children like the “Red Delicious” apple, then place 4 red apple stickers or cut-outs in the row corresponding with “Red Delicious” apples.

This classroom activity makes the children aware of the five senses. Encourage each student to observe the apple’s smell, taste, texture, and sound of the crunch. Record the descriptions given by the children.

This activity also presents the opportunity to introduce descriptive words in effort to describe the apples. Make a list on the board of the words used to describe apples. Review the words throughout the week.

Another way to creatively encourage the children to use language skills while doing this activity would be to ask them to come up with instructions on how to make an apple pie. Record the answers on a “recipe” and send it home.

Note: By doing this project, students will be introduced to the concept of graphs and organizing information.